Young Adult (YA) Book Lists: Book Recommendations

Young Adult (YA/Teen) book lists and recommendations that have the best books for young adults. If you read young adult (YA) books, this is a perfect place to find a teen book list, as they are all on our ultimate and definitive lists. These lists have a variety of books and recommendations that are based on themes/topics, such as holidays, tropes, and settings, from a wide scope of genres. You are sure to find something to please anyone on one of our YA book recommendation lists.


YA Book Lists

  1.  YA Best Sellers List 

ya best sellers

2. YA Royalty Books

YA royalty books


rory gilmore reading list

4. Harry Potter Books in Order

harry potter books in order

5. YA Banned Books

ya banned books

6. The Best Cookbooks For College Students

Best Cookbooks for College Students

7. YA Romance books

Young Adult Romance Books

8. YA Books About Gossip

YA Books About Gossip

9. Canadian Books List

Canadian Books List

10. YA Christmas Books

YA Christmas Books List

11. YA Fairy Tale Retellings

YA Fairy Tale Retellings

12. YA Halloween Books

YA Halloween Books

13.  YA Valentine’s Day Books

YA Valentine's Day Books

14. YA St. Patrick’s Day Books

YA St. Patrick's Day Books

15. YA Travel Books

YA Travel Books

16. YA Fantasy Books

YA Fantasy books

17. YA Prom Books

ya prom books

18. YA Beach Reads

ya beach reads

19. YA Sports Books

YA Sports Books

20. YA Book Club Books

ya book club books

21. YA TikTok Books

tiktok books

22. YA Hanukkah Books

ya hanukkah books

23. YA Adventure Books

ya adventure books

24. YA Mystery Thriller Books

ya mystery thriller books

25. YA Sci-Fi Books

ya sci-fi books

26. YA Dystopian Books

ya dystopian books

27. YA Historical Fiction Books

ya historical fiction books

28. YA Audioboooks

ya audiobooks

29. YA Political Books

ya political books

30. YA Fashion Books

ya fashion books

31. YA Mermaid Books

ya mermaid books

32. Reese’s YA Book Club Books

reese's ya book club books

33. YA Sister Books

ya sister books

34. YA Magic Books

ya magic books

35. YA Mythology Books

ya mythology books

36. YA Arthurian Legend Books

YA Arthurian Legend Books

37. YA Duologies

ya duologies

38. Books Like Harry Potter

books like harry potter

39. YA Gaming Books

ya gaming books

40. YA Spring Books

ya spring books

41. YA Food Books

ya food books

42. YA Books by Black Authors

ya black author books

YA book lists for teens are a fun way to get excited about reading and discover a new author or genre. If you are a fan of Goodreads, we have many shelves for our favourite YA books to check out. What are some of your favourites?