Review Rating Scale: How I Rate Books

This review rating scale is how I rate books. I rate the books I review on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. There are numerous factors that I consider when deciding upon how to rate a book, however I take into consideration many different elements of a book. These elements include: the characters, setting, writing style, and overall enjoyment of the book. Below is the breakdown of my review rating scale to rate books.

How to rate books

How I Rate Books: Review Rating Scale

  1. 5 Stars: I loved this book


This is a book that I will recommend to everyone. I will obsess over it because it has such fantastic characters, an amazing setting, and a beautiful writing style.

2. 4.5 Stars: I really liked this book


This book is one that I enjoyed reading a lot, but it isn’t a book that I feel is overly unique. There might be something small about the story that can be improved upon. It is a fantastic book that I will recommend.

3. 4 Stars: I really enjoyed this book


This is a book that is really good. It is one that I had a very enjoyable time reading. While it is not perfect, it is one that I will suggest others should read.

4. 3.5 Stars: I enjoyed this book


This is a good book. It is quite enjoyable, but there was something about the characters, setting, pacing, or the plot that did not sit well with me. It is one that I will recommend to those that really enjoy the author or the genre.

5. 3 Stars: I mostly enjoyed this book


This is a fairly good book. I wasn’t thrilled by it, but it wasn’t a book that I disliked entirely. There is something that bothered me about this book that kept me from giving it a higher rating.

6. 2.5 Stars: I mostly struggled with this book


This is a book that I had a hard time enjoying. I won’t recommend it to many people and I found that there was something about this  book that I disliked.

7. 2 Stars: I struggled with this book


I really had a hard time finishing this book. It was not very enjoyable and the writing style is not for me.

8. 1 Star: I did not enjoy this book at all


This is a book that I should have stopped reading because it is not for me at all. I will not be recommending this book to anyone.

9. DNF: I did not finish this book.


This book is one that bothered me so much that I could not finish reading it. I will not be rating it or reviewing it on the blog. I will put my thoughts on Goodreads without a rating.

This review rating scale is my personal method to rate books. To find in-depth details about the various reviews on the blog, the Sortable Review Archive has a column that displays the rating for each book reviewed, as well as the genre and the author.