Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel

Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel

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Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel is the cookbook that I didn’t even know I needed. The first time that I saw the cover for this book, I was instantly intrigued by its steak and cake combinations. This book has a multitude of recipes and ideas to make your next steak night a success.

Steak and Cake by Elizabeth KarmelTitle: Steak and Cake: More Than 100 Recipes to Make Any Meal a Smash Hit
Author: Elizabeth Karmel
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Genres: Cookbook, Lifestyle
Publication Date: April 29, 2019
Rating: five-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Discover just how luscious and indulgent both steak and cake can be with Elizabeth Karmel, Southern baker extraordinaire and one of America’s leading pitmasters.

Let them eat cake—and steak! This unique cookbook shares more than 100 recipes that beg to be prepared, paired, and eaten with pure joy. How about a Cowboy Steak with Whiskey Butter followed by a Whiskey Buttermilk Bundt Cake? Or a Porterhouse for Two with My Mother’s Freshly Grated Coconut Cake? Or mix and match yourself—maybe an Indoor/Outdoor Tomahawk Steak paired with a Classic Key Lime Cheesecake?

Not only will you find some of the best recipes ever for steak—and steakhouse sides and sauces—and those all-butter-eggs-and-sugar cakes, but you will also pick up tips and tricks for choosing and cooking steaks and baking cakes. The result is an instant dinner party, the kind of universally loved meal that makes any and every occasion special.

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Review: Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel

The layout of Steak and Cake is perfect for a recipe book of this size. The recipes and meal suggestions are all at the beginning and the tips section is at the back. There is also a fantastic index that is both necessary and easy to use. As well, the images included are gorgeous and drool-worthy on their own.

❀ Simple and Complex Recipes

I am all about simple cooking and recipes that are quick and easy to follow. Steak and Cake definitely fits this bill. While there are some meals that are more involved, such as a Beef Steak Stroganoff and a Baked Ricotta Cheesecake, there are also simpler ideas like beef tacos and kebabs. I created the Beef Tenderloin Kebabs and Pumpkin Palooza Cake Walk. These kebabs are hands down the best kebabs that I have ever tasted. There were no flare-ups on the grill either, which really impressed me.

Beef Tenderloin Kebabs

Beef Tenderloin Kebabs

The Pumpkin Palooza Cake Walk is also super moist and delicious. All of the cake recipes offer options to make cakes, loaves, or muffins. I opted to create muffins, as they are faster to bake and much more convenient to serve and eat. They turned out wonderfully and are now my go-to pumpkin muffin recipe.

Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Palooza Cake Walk

❀ Perfect for Steak Lovers

Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel will satisfy the taste buds of anyone who loves a great steak dinner followed by a yummy dessert of cake. If you are a fan of a great steak dinner and have a sweet tooth for cake, I highly suggest picking up a copy of Steak and Cake by Elizabeth Karmel. This is one cookbook that will give you more ideas than you can imagine.

About Elizabeth Karmel

Elizabeth Karmel

Elizabeth Karmel is America's leading female grilling and barbecue expert. She is the founding executive chef of New York's Hill Country Barbecue and Hill Country Chicken restaurants, author of Taming the Flame and Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned, and a native-born Southern baker.


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  1. cathy says:

    Yummo! I love the combination and your images are stunning. On my wish list now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sheila Ressel says:

    This is a cookbook I must have in my library. Steak and cake is an awesome food combination perfect for anytime of the week. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

  3. Mary Gardner says:

    I like that this cookbook has options for simple and more complicated recipes. I don’t think I could go wrong with this one since the title names two of my favorite foods.

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