The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook, Noah Galuten

The Don't Panic Pantry Cookbook, Noah Galuten

The Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook by Noah Galuten is a cookbook that attempts to help you take the stress out of cooking. Many of the recipes in the book are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, and will fit with the needs of many trying to eat healthier. While this book may not solve the dilemmas that inexperienced home cooks face, it does provide a lot of insight into what items every pantry needs. Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks: A Beginner’s List

Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks: A Beginner's List

Mediterranean diet cookbooks are best if they are quick, easy, and help to accommodate a healthy lifestyle. There are many great cookbooks out there that can help home cooks find better ways to add nutrition and much needed fuel for living healthy. This list is a collection of recipe books that offer the greatest advice and recipes for the Mediterranean diet. Continue reading

Review: That Noodle Life by Mike Le

Review: That Noodle Life by Mike Le

That Noodle Life by Mike Le is a cookbook that is chock full of every kind of noodle recipe that you can imagine. This recipe book gives fans of noodles lots of options as it takes us on a culinary adventure through many different takes on this delicious staple. If you love noodles and are looking for some inspiring ways to cook them, this is a book that you won’t want to miss. Continue reading