Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard Remedies

Essential Oils by Neal's Yard Remedies

Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard Remedies is the book that has opened up my eyes to the world of essential oils.  I have just recently become aware of the benefits of using essential oils, and while I probably will never use them exclusively to treat my own ailments, there are some interesting ideas and tips in Essential Oils. This book really is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand natural medicine and the different ways that essential oils are used. There are tips for your home, health, beauty, and a very descriptive guide about each plant and oil used in these techniques.

Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard RemediesTitle: Essential Oils
Author: Neal's Yard Remedies
Publisher: DK
Genres: Lifestyle, Non-Fiction
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Rating: four-half-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

An introductory guide to essential oils and aromatherapy from the experts at Neal's Yard Remedies, a trusted source for natural health and beauty products.

Introduce yourself to the world of Essential Oils for treating maladies and improving mental and physical well-being. Featuring comprehensive profiles of 88 essential oils, all-natural remedies for common ailments, aromatic recipes for home and beauty, and helpful guidance for blending, storing, and using essential oils, this introductory guide is packed with authoritative information from the experts at Neal's Yard Remedies.

Whether you seek natural alternatives to conventional medicines or want to eliminate synthetically produced chemicals from your home and beauty products, simple visual instructions and gorgeous full-color photographs make it easy. An illustrated A to Z reference section helps you identify the most useful oils, while information on application methods, tips on massage techniques, guidance on creating custom blends, and up-to-date safety recommendations help you learn how to use them for maximum benefit.

Essential Oils can help you improve your overall well-being and start you on the path to a more natural you.


❃ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. ❃

Review: Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard Remedies

❀ Diffuser Ideas

If you are like me and have a super sense of smell, the directions for how to make a diffuser or room spray may be of use to you. It does seem like a healthier alternative to use an essential oil to alter the scent of a room. I love a subtle floral aroma in a room and I am going to give the room spray recipe a try. It is a simple mix of vodka, mineral oil, and an essential oil. Seems fairly simple and might just be my new go-to for a quick room deodorizer.

❀ Packed With Lots of Information

As with most DK books, the book is packed with all sorts of information and really delves deep into the history and science behind using the oils as a benefit to your mind, body, and soul. Each plant and its oil is discussed in depth and if you are at all curious about what a simple lavender oil can do, you will be very surprised.

❀ Natural Beauty Products

The section that appeals to me the most in the book is the beauty section. I have just started trying to make my own bath products to save money, and as a hobby. There are a few recipes for making bath bombs and melts that are simple and relatively inexpensive to make. If those amazing store-bought bath bombs are your thing, you may want to check this book out because I was really surprised to discover the simple ingredients in making them. Baking soda, citric acid and essential oils are really all that is required.

❀ A Perfect Guide

Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard Remedies is a perfect guide for anyone interested in learning about essential oils and how they can be used. The book is easy to follow and you will come away with a wealth of information on this hot trend that has been around for centuries. I look forward to trying  a few of them out myself.


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8 thoughts on “Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard Remedies

  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    I have wanted to try this for a long time, for acne, and other ailments, and just to smell good. But if you get the REAL essential oils, they get expensive. This does sound interesting though.

    • Candid Cover says:

      The oils are definitely an investment purchase! I bought a bunch of them last year and I still have quite a bit left, as you only use a few drops for each recipe. I totally agree with you on the cost factor, though. 🙂

  2. Uhunoma Aguebor says:

    I love oils! This book would definitely be very beneficial for me because I want to start making my own products to use at home. I need to buy this book! Thank you for the review! 🙂

  3. Wanda B says:

    I’ve been getting more interested in essential oils and I think this book would be very helpful for me.

  4. Rick says:

    I also wrote an article on essential oils some time ago. They are usually paired with diffusers, but can also be used as a standalone.

  5. Lori Smanski says:

    tis sounds great. I love using essential oils. I have made my own tooth paste, soaps and so much more. I have Epilepsy, and I asked my doctor about them. He had no idea but went to the Epilepsy Foundation and found that certain essential oils should never be used on Epileptics. So anyone who has Epilepsy or Diabetes or any other ailment like these should always check with their doctors before using.

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