The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen is about surmounting the death of a loved one and the main character learns many lessons throughout the book. Dessen has really mastered the ability to write sadder books while keeping them entertaining and cute.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah DessenTitle: The Truth About Forever
Author: Sarah Dessen
Also by this author: Saint Anything
Publisher: Speak
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: June 2012 (first published May 11, 2004)
Rating: four-half-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

A long, hot summer...

That's what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend, Jason, is away at Brain Camp. Days will be spent at a boring job in the library, evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs, and spare time will be passed with her mother, the two of them sharing a silent grief at the traumatic loss of Macy's father.

But sometimes, unexpected things can happen—things such as the catering job at Wish, with its fun-loving, chaotic crew. Or her sister's project of renovating the neglected beach house, awakening long-buried memories. Things such as meeting Wes, a boy with a past, a taste for Truth-telling, and an amazing artistic talent, the kind of boy who could turn any girl's world upside down. As Macy ventures out of her shell, she begins to question her sheltered life.

Is it really always better to be safe than sorry?


Review: The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen

This book is about a girl dealing with her dad’s death and how she comes out of her shell. Along the way, she finds some new friends and gets herself a job at a catering business, which I absolutely loved. Everyone she works with is so unique in their own way. I don’t think I’ve read a book about catering before, but I would definitely like to read more after reading about how fun it seems in this book!

❀ An Important Message

Macy is a character that is easy to sympathize with. She has been through so much with her dad’s death and her mom has become distant. Macy also deals with a lot of stress since she is stuck working her boyfriend’s job and constantly studying for her SATs. Throughout the book, she learns to follow her heart and that it’s okay to have fun. This is such an important message.

❀ A Signature Theme

Sarah Dessen’s ability to write a book that centres around grief, but isn’t entirely depressing is admirable. While the book has its sad moments, there are many fun scenes, especially the catering ones, that made me smile. Books like these are so important to read because They can really educate the reader and could be helpful to someone going through the same thing. Grief is a signature theme in her books.

❀ Darker Theme

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen is an inspiring book about overcoming grief and contains a main character who learns many lessons. Dessen is very skilled at writing books with darker themes while keeping them pretty light and fluffy. Definitely a must-read.

About Sarah Dessen

Image of Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen novels for teens, which have received numerous awards and rave reviews, and have sold millions of copies worldwide. She is the recipient of the 2017 Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American Library Association.  Sarah lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, Jay, and their daughter, Sasha Clementine.

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

  1. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    This was the first Dessen book I read in my life. I really loved it!
    I’m glad to see you loved it too.
    I’m always saying to myself I should read more of her books, but I read only three so far. :/

  2. Kelly says:

    Wonderful review! You definitely seemed to enjoy this one, and I’m glad to hear it!

    I still haven’t read any Sarah Dessen novels, although I do have a few (Dreamland, Along for the Ride, Lock & Key, What Happened to Goodbye, and Saint Anything)…but this one sounds really deep and meaningful. I’m going to add this to my TBR list and hopefully get to it sometime this winter!

    • Candid Cover says:

      There is something about these Sarah Dessen books that always grab me and reel me in. I hope that you enjoy reading this one as well and maybe you will get hooked too! 🙂

  3. Kayla @ Kdrewkthebookworm says:

    I really liked this book too! I felt like I could really identify with the main character and all her struggles. This was my first Dessen book and I have read 2 others since then, but this one is by far my favourite. Great review!😊

  4. Jaime Lynn says:

    I can’t read books like this one, because of the subject matter. I just… can’t, even after 20+ years. But I love that these books are written and hope that they can bring comfort and peace to others.

  5. Melanie B says:

    The Truth about Forever is one of my favorites of Sarah Dessen’s; I loved the story and fell in love with its characters!

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