The New Gardener’s Handbook, Daryl Beyers

The New Gardener's Handbook, Daryl Beyers

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The New Gardener’s Handbook by Daryl Beyers is a comprehensive book that has just about everything there is to know about gardening. This guide starts off with some of the science behind plants and roots, and then gets into the actual art of gardening. It is a book that should be on every gardener’s shelf.

The New Gardener’s Handbook, Daryl BeyersTitle: The New Gardener's Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Beautiful and Bountiful Garden
Author: Daryl Beyers
Publisher: Timber Press
Genres: Lifestyle, Non-Fiction
Publication Date: February 18, 2020
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Every new gardener has to start somewhere—and the process can be intimidating. Knowing when and what to plant, how to care for the plants once they’re in the ground, and how to keep pests and diseases away is a lot to take on. Luckily, Daryl Beyers—an expert from the New York Botanical Garden—has written what will be a go-to resource for decades to come. The New Gardener’s Handbook is a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of gardening, based on the introductory gardening class that Beyers teaches at NYBG. Readers will learn about soil, plant selection, propagation, planting and mulching, watering and feeding, pruning, and weeds, pests, and diseases. The information applies to both ornamental and edible plants. Featuring inspiring photography and helpful illustrations, The New Gardener’s Handbook gives home gardeners a foundation upon which they can grow, and encourages them to apply the lessons they’ve learned in an intuitive, natural way.

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Review: The New Gardener’s Handbook by Daryl Beyers

While this book is geared to those who are just learning how to create a beautiful garden, there are quite a few tips and ideas included in the how-to guide. Aside from the scientific aspects of plants, Beyers discusses many techniques in depth that make this a superb reference to even a seasoned gardener. The contents of the book include:

  • Preface: The Science and Art of Gardening
  • Get Gardening: Balancing the Roots and the Shoots
  • Soil: Nourishing the Roots
  • Plant Selection: Matching Plants to Place
  • Germination: Starting Plants from Seeds
  • Planting and Mulching: Establishing Plants the Right Way
  • Watering and Feeding: Balancing Between Nature and Nurture
  • Vegetative Propagation: Making Plants from Plant Parts
  • Pruning: The Right Cut in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Weeds, Pests, and Diseases: Working with the Bad, the Good, and the Ugly

❀ A Lot to be Learned from this Handbook

As you can tell, there is quite a lot to be learned from this handbook on gardening. You can jump into any section and get a real idea for how to complete each task. The beautiful images are also quite helpful and the instructions are easy to follow.

❀ A Gardening Book to Watch For

The New Gardener’s Handbook by Daryl Beyers is perfect to get some gardening inspiration. As it is the end of January at the moment and my garden is currently under a layer of snow and ice, this gardening book has me dreaming of summer. I have bookmarked several ideas and I am looking forward to starting some plants from seeds and trying out Beyer’s tips for propagating plants. If you are excited to learn about gardening, This book is one book to watch for!

About Daryl Beyers

Daryl Beyers

Daryl Beyers is gardening certificate program coordinator at the New York Botanical Garden, where he helps shape the education department’s curriculum, and teaches the popular Fundamentals of Gardening course. He has had more than twenty-five years of professional landscaping experience, specializing in residential garden design and development. As a staff writer, photographer, and editor for Fine Gardening magazine, he authored two special issues on garden design, and he served as contributing garden editor for Martha Stewart Living. His articles on gardening and garden design have also appeared in Horticulture and HGTV Magazine. He maintains an active speaking schedule throughout the year, presenting at a wide variety of garden shows and clubs across the country, both independently and on behalf of NYBG.


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29 thoughts on “The New Gardener’s Handbook, Daryl Beyers

  1. Debra Branigan says:

    My son has been bitten by the gardening bug. I think this would be a perfect book for him. It seems to be be clear and covers all the basic elements of gardening.

  2. Ann says:

    This sounds like a book that I’d like to have on-hand. Last year was the first time I really got excited about plants, planting, gardening, and so on, but it fell flat. I checked out a good number of books from the library, and purchased a couple on container gardening… The ones I bought didn’t seem quite right. I think that for the novice especially, it can be hard to find a book that has a good amount of useful/new information, without too much of the superfluous. Thanks for featuring this one.

    • Lori says:

      I know exactly what you mean! It does seem to be one of those things that you just have to keep persisting with until you get it right. I hope that you have great success in the garden! 🙂

    • Lori says:

      Honestly, so do I! I am always in awe of others and their skills in the garden. I hope that you find some useful tips in this book if you give it a try. 🙂

  3. Rosie says:

    This is the kind of book I need, I haven’t had a garden in ages! It would be a nice book to read up on during the winter, so you can think warm & sunny thoughts!

  4. Kirsten says:

    This sounds like a good book. I love gardening books and gardening. Still a beginner gardener but it brings me joy (and frustration).

  5. Piroska says:

    This looks like a handy book. I’ve been gardening for quite a few years, but it’s good to have a refresher, and learn new ways .

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