Review: The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

Review: The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak is the perfect book if you are looking for an interesting, quirky book to make you laugh this summer. The plot is a little far fetched but, I was able to see past this and enjoy the fun that this book has to offer. The Heartbreakers has everything: a boy band, Starbucks, a cancer story and a brave main character who is full of sass.

Review: The Heartbreakers by Ali NovakTitle: The Heartbreakers
Author: Ali Novak
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: August 4, 2015
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

"When I met Oliver Perry, I had no clue he was the lead singer for The Heartbreakers. And he had no idea that I was the only girl in the world who hated his music."Stella will do anything for her sick sister, Cara—even stand in line for an autographed Heartbreakers CD...for four hours. She's totally winning best birthday gift this year. At least she met a cute boy with soft brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes while getting her caffeine fix. Too bad she'll never see him again.Except, Stella's life has suddenly turned into a cheesy love song. Because Starbucks Boy is Oliver Perry – lead singer for the Heartbreakers. And even after she calls his music crap, Oliver still gives Stella his phone number. And whispers quotes from her favorite Disney movie in her ear. OMG, what is her life?But how can Stella even think about being with Oliver — dating and laughing and pulling pranks with the band — when her sister could be dying of cancer? Ali Novak wrote her debut novel My Life with the Walter Boys when she was just 15 years old, and has since penned her next book, The Heartbreakers. First a hit on the online community Wattpad, her second novel has over 38 million reads and is loved by readers around the world. 

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❃ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. ❃

Review: The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak

❀ Unrealistic Book

The Heartbreakers is a slightly unrealistic book, which is probably why I enjoyed it! The plot is so unbelievable that I just had to laugh. Honestly, what are the chances that a famous musician happens to be in a Starbucks when you walk in and also appears with his band in the elevator you are in? Once the story gets going though, the book becomes a little more believable. You really have to be the kind of person who doesn’t mind thinking beyond the fact that some of these occurrences are pretty rare to appreciate this book. I found the plot to be endearing, but I definitely see others having a hard time with the start of this story.

❀ Optimistic Main Character

In The Heartbreakers, Stella (the main character)’s sister, Cara has cancer. When I first picked up the book, I expected it to focus on the cancer, making the book depressing to read. Cara, however, is such an optimistic character that is so refreshing to read about. As it turns out, the book isn’t really another cancer story. There are only a few chapters that mention it, but Cara is very relevant to the plot and causes some major plot twists.

❀ Enjoyable Narrator

Stella is such an enjoyable narrator for The Heartbreakers. She is clever, sassy, and very supportive of others, such as her sister. When she is hired to be a photographer for The Heartbreakers, she does her job efficiently and well. Stella does doubt herself a lot, though. While taking pictures, she often thinks her work isn’t up to the standards that it should be. As the story progresses, Stella slowly gains confidence and her personality really shines through.

❀ Fun Read

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak contains a similar “normal girl meets famous guy” plot. This is a fun, quick read that is perfect for a lazy summer day.

About Ali Novak

Ali Novak

Ali Novak is a Wisconsin native and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s creative writing program. She started writing her debut novel My Life with the Walter Boys when she was only fifteen, and since then, her work has received more than 130 million hits online. When she isn’t writing, Ali enjoys Netflix marathons and traveling with her husband Jared.

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  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    THIS sounds like the kind of contemporary that I would truly enjoy.. I don’t mind the far-fetched, I don’t have an issue with suspending disbelief.. I love quirkiness. I am definitely going to find this book, and read it as soon as possible!

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