Book Review: Snow Queen by Emma Harrison

Book Review: Snow Queen by Emma HarrisonTitle: Snow Queen
Author: Emma Harrison
Also by this author: The Best Girl
Publisher: HarperTeen
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: November 24, 2009
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Chamberlain Ski Resort and Spa

Welcome to the 10th Annual Snow Queen competition!

I can't believe I got roped into this.

Snow Princesses must attend all pageant rehearsals, with appropriate outfits.

Well, no matter what it takes, I'm going to wipe that smirk off Layla Chamberlain's face.

Our rehearsal space can be booked to practice your talent.

Um, does "looking dumb in a dress" count as a talent?

See Grayson Chamberlain, the assistant director, with any questions.

If you insist! First question: How can someone so sweet (and hot!) be a Chamberlain?

Good luck! One of you will soon be our new Snow Queen!

Oh joy.

Unless Grayson comes with the tiara . . .

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Book Review: Snow Queen by emma Harrison

Snow Queen by Emma Harrison is a fun book about competitions and revenge. This book is so adorable as it recounts a winter beauty pageant, and the main character is quirky and caring. It is pretty clichéd, but that’s part of its charm.

❀ Light and Fluffy

This book tells the story of a Aubrey, who gets roped into competing alongside her friend in a winter pageant. However, once she joins, another competitor is determined to sabotage her, so Aubrey makes it her goal to beat her in the competition as revenge. I enjoyed reading about the competition, as this is something I’ve never really read before. What is interesting is the fact that it is not a traditional beauty pageant, and it features events such as snowsuit contests and hockey. I found the book to be unique, and it is the perfect light and fluffy wintry read.

❀ Enjoyable Main Character

Aubrey is an enjoyable main character, and it was entertaining to read about her passion to get revenge on Layla. She is supportive and a good friend, and I loved how she actually puts effort into the pageant even though it’s not really her thing. Of course, Aubrey is a bit dramatic at times, but that’s what makes her so interesting to read.

Snow Queen by Emma Harrison is a cute and wintry read about a beauty pageant and revenge. I enjoyed the unique concept and the amusing main character. I would recommend this one to those looking for a quick read to get them ready for the holiday season.

About Emma Harrison

Image of Emma Harrison

Emma Harrison is a pseudonym of Kieran Scott.

Kieran Scott is an author of young adult fiction including the upcoming TRUE LOVE TRILOGY (May 2014) and the HE'S SO/SHE'S SO TRILOGY, which includes SHE'S SO DEAD TO US, HE'S SO NOT WORTH IT and THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING. Her other books include the Non-Blonde Cheelerader trilogy, Geek Magnet and Jingle Boy. She also writes Alloy Entertainment books under the pseudonym Kate Brian, including the SHADOWLANDS trilogy and the PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, MEGAN MEADE'S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS and THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, among others. She grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, attended Rutgers University, and now lives in River Vale, New Jersey with her husband and two sons.

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14 thoughts on “Book Review: Snow Queen by Emma Harrison

  1. Lindsi says:

    I haven’t had a lot of luck with my winter reads this year! My first attempt was Snowed In (which I saw on your list), and it didn’t work for me. The girls were obsessed with boyfriends, and I swear the one didn’t even know her boyfriend had a name. I’m also not fond of characters that “fall in love” under shady circumstances. However, Snow Queen sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I love the idea of the pageant having snowsuit and hockey contests — it makes it feel more realistic. Glad you enjoyed this one!
    Lindsi recently posted…Firefly (#1) by Greg Pak

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