Practical Tips on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Practical Tips on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

How to get out of a reading slump, you ask? There are lots of reading slump tips and ideas to try. Many of us avid readers have fallen into the mode of not being interested in reading. Even though we want to enjoy reading, there is something preventing us from devouring the books we used to. Usually this reading slump is due to a lack of motivation, not an inability to read. If you are finding that reading has become something that you just can’t do, we have rounded up lots of tips and tricks for how to get out of a reading slump and bring your reading mojo back.

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Last Updated: September 11, 2023

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

  1. Reread a book

Reading a book again that you cherish can spark your reading interest. This can even be an old childhood favourite. Anything that brings back the warm fuzzies of reading again.

2. Take a Trip to a Bookstore

Sometimes surrounding yourself with books and others who enjoy reading can spark some interest again. Purchasing a new book can also bring some excitement to read back.

3. Listen to an audiobook

A narrator that captures your attention and help you feel engaged with the story might set things in motion for you.

4. Take part in a reading challenge

There are many different types of challenges to take part in that are online or in-person. Having others encourage you to read or a prompt that motivates you to read something new can be all it takes.

5. Go to a library

There are so many programs and interesting things that you can do that are related to books and reading. Over time, the urge to read might return.

6. Volunteer at a Book Festival

Volunteering somewhere that features books or at a book-related location can be fun and engaging. Immersing yourself in an event that revolves around books is a surefire way to get interested in reading again.

7. Explore Reading Lists

Spend time exploring reading lists and book recommendation lists. Maybe that next amazing book is just waiting to be discovered by you.

8. Join a book club

Having a reason to read is a great way to stimulate your desire to pick up a book. Participating in a book club discussion about a book can be an intriguing time that opens up new possibilities.

9. Rearrange Your Bookshelves

Rearranging your books can be a really soothing activity. Going through all of your books and taking inventory of the books you won can make reading exciting again.

10. Read a Book-to-Movie Adaptation

There are so many books being made into  movies these days. The thrill of reading a book that has been adapted for the screen can make an event out of reading.

11. Use a Reading Tracker

A reading tracker can be useful to help you set goals for reading. This can be a journal or even an app or spreadsheet.

12. Reading Short Stories Helps WIth A Reading Slump

Pick short stories, anthologies, or novellas to help you feel some accomplishment in your reading.

13. Listen to a Book-Themed Podcast

Listening  to a book-themed podcast or radio program. There are usually great bookish discussions that even feature authors and intriguing analysis.

14. Buddy-Read With a Friend

Ask a friend to buddy-read a hot new release with you. Reading in short chunks and discussing them with a friend over coffee can make reading fun again.

15. Create a Reading Nook

Making a cozy reading nook might be all it take. Sometimes all that is required is the right environment. Having a cozy place to read that is free of distractions is a perfect setup.

16. Create a TBR Cart

A TBR (to be read) cart is a utility cart that is filled with books you are excited to read. To create a TBR cart, use a utility cart to house all of the books that you find interesting to try. Decorate the cart and get excited about keeping it updated

17. Join Bookstagram

Bookstagram is the bookish side of Instagram that share a love of books and all things about reading. Taking pictures of books to post online or following bookish accounts will give you some inspiration as to what to read next.

18. Start a BookTok Account

TikTok and the BookTok community have become great places to chat about books, discover books that others are enjoying, and find motivation from others to read.

How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

How to get out of a reading slump is a thing that lots of readers seek at some point or other. Usually a change in routine or trying something new is all it takes to kick that reading slump to the curb. What are some of your reading slump tips?

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