13 Best Book Reading Trackers: A Book Lover’s Guide

13 Best Book Reading Trackers: A Book Lover's Guide

Book reading trackers to track books are really useful tools for people who like to read. If you have a large number of books that you own or have read, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Having a handy app or spreadsheet to help organize and track your book reading lists is one effective method to track your personal book library. This guide will help you to explore the many options for book reading trackers.

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Last Update: May 13, 2023

Book Reading Trackers

  1. The StoryGraph

This free website that was founded in 2019 is quickly becoming a favourite method to track and catalogue all of your books online. It is a great platform to get some book recommendations and socialize with other book lovers.

2. Goodreads

The most popular site for book reading trackers is hands down, Goodreads. This free community is owned by Amazon and has a large library of books to add to your shelves and lists. This is also a very social book site where you can interact and comment on others’ progress.

3. Book Breeze

If you are looking for an app that will help you to make reading goals and track your progress, Book Breeze is one to try. This app will give you statistics, predictions, and visually show you your reading details.

4. Italic Type

It is a basic site, but Italic Type will keep track of your books,  notes, progress, and make recommendations for you. There is also a social aspect to it as well for those who enjoy book discussions.

5. Bookly 

Another book reading tracker app, Bookly is a paid app where you can set reading goals. If you would like a little more encouragement to read more and organize your books, this app might help.

6. LibraryThing

This cataloguing site will help you keep a record of your collection of books, movies, and music for free. There is also a community of bibliophiles to interact with and discuss bookish things.

7. Libib

A cloud management app that tracks your personal library of books, movies, and video games is perfect if you would just like to keep an online inventory of your collections. There is no fee for Libib, however there is no community or social aspect to this method of book tracking.

8. BookSloth

This basic app is free and contains a smaller library of books to add to your lists. The recommendations and large social aspect of this platform is great for those wanting to find new books to read and chat with others about books.

9. Litsy

If you enjoy bookstagram and stunning photos featuring books, Litsy is a fantastic site to try. It is also free of charge and is a place to discover and chat about your books with a focus on the visual aspects of book tracking.

10. Candl

Candl is a great book reading tracker for staying organized. There is no social aspect to this app and it is a simple way to catalogue your books and make plans and goals for reading. For reviewers, there is a notes section for keeping review details for later use.

11. Book Reading Tracker Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are a popular way to motivate yourself and get creative with designing your pages. If you are one who likes a visual, hands-on experience to encourage you to get organized, there are a number of bullet journals to boost your bookish lifestyle.

12. Book Reading Tracker Printables

Using printables to keep track of your personal reading journey can be a fun and motivational way to organize your reading progress. There are quite a few different sellers on Etsy, if designing your own book reading tracker is not in your wheelhouse.

book reading tracker

Printable Book Reading Tracker via Live Love Planners on Etsy

13. Book Reading Tracker Spreadsheets

Another simple technique for keeping a reading log and tracking your book reading is with a spreadsheet. Creating a document in Google Sheets, Excel, or other spreadsheet programs is a cheap and simple way to challenge yourself and document your progress.

book reading tracker

Downloadable Book Reading Tracker via Tulip Road Studio on Etsy

Book Reading Trackers

Book Reading Trackers are such a fantastic way to track books that you are reading, get organized, and set goals for reading. Depending on whether you want to have detailed statistics about your reading, create a catalogue of your collection, chat with other book lovers, or get creative with a journal, there are many ways to get excited about reading. Which one of these book reading tracker methods have you used to challenge yourself to set reading goals?


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