BookTok Tips for More Followers

BookTok Tips for More Followers

BookTok tips for creating content and increasing your followers on BookTok are tricky things to pinpoint. TikTok’s algorithm is not something that is easily dissected, but for those who have been posting and creating often, a viral video is bound to happen eventually. This post will help make sense of what BookTok is all about and guide you with some ideas for creating a great BookTok account.

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Last Updated: February 2023

BookTok Tips

  1. Find a trending sound. Check the Discovery tab, follow accounts that post new trend ideas, and use the trends that you see in your feed.
  2.  Film short videos that are about 15 to 30 seconds.
  3. Make a call to action in your video that causes people to comment, share, and react. For example, ask a question in your video that you need help with, ask for book recommendations, or ask where your viewers are from in the world.
  4. Make a post on a controversial topic that people are passionate about. This will bring people to your post and create a discussion among other BookTokers who want to voice their opinions on the topic. (This can be a hard one, as you don’t want to be offensive.)
    @candidcover Stephanie Perkins, I adore you, but what was that 😭 #sticktothestatusquo #nonono #sticktothestuffyouknow #hsm #booktok #books #yabooktok #yabooks #annaandthefrenckiss #stephanieperkins ♬ Stick to what you know – Ogmaro

  5. Post regularly. Aim to post at least once a day or more. The TikTok algorithm seems to reward creators that are posting more often.
  6. Interact with your followers. When you engage with the comments on your posts and visit your followers’ posts, you will find that your videos will get more views.
  7. Vary your content. Post jokes, how-to videos, book lists, currently reading, book hauls, book reading tips, etc.
  8. Post at the most popular time of day. Typically, posts in the afternoon/early evening tend to get more views.
  9. Use trending hashtags, such as #booktok #bookish #books #yabooks #bookworm #fyp #bookishtiktok #readersoftiktok #ireadya #bookhaul #bookunboxing #unboxing #toberead #bookish #amreading #bookrecommendations
  10. Choose a Creator account so that you can take advantage of the trending sounds. Business accounts come with some limited features, and for BookTokers, the Creator account has more to offer.
  11. Set a 1000 follower goal. Once you hit 1000 followers, you will be able to add a link in your bio. Following similar accounts and other creators that you want to engage with is the best way to do this.
  12. Add a bio link. Linktree is a great way to add all of your socials and other important links.
  13. Watch lots of BookTok videos to help with your algorithm and guide you to other accounts to follow.
  14. Make a great bio. Write a bio that reflects what your viewers and followers can expect to see on your account. Make sure to use #booktok and add relevant details about yourself.booktok tips
  15. Add a profile picture. If your account does not have a personalized profile picture, your account can appear to be a spam account to others.
  16. Choose an aesthetic that people will recognize as your brand. For example, film videos in a favourite reading chair, showcase your bookshelves, use some props, lights, and a great backdrop.
  17. Have fun with it! TikTok and social media can become stressful when your focus is on views, likes, comments, and follower counts.

BookTok tips and tricks will help to take some of the mystery out of the platform and the community. Like any social media site, once you get the hang of it, the ideas will start to flow naturally. Have you got any great tips for how to grow a BookTok account?

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