Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

Listen to Your Heart by Kaise West is a book all about podcasting, and the main character is so relatable. The strong family bonds sold me even more. This is a classic Kasie West that definitely lives up to her standard.

Listen to Your Heart by Kasie WestTitle: Listen to Your Heart
Author: Kasie West
Also by this author: P.S. I Like You
Publisher: Point
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: May 29, 2018
Rating: four-half-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Talking to other people isn't Kate Bailey's favorite activity. She'd much rather be out on the lake, soaking up the solitude and sunshine. So when her best friend, Alana, convinces Kate to join their high school's podcast, Kate is not expecting to be chosen as the host. Now she'll have to answer calls and give advice on the air? Impossible.

But to Kate's surprise, she turns out to be pretty good at the hosting gig. Then the podcast gets in a call from an anonymous guy, asking for advice about his unnamed crush. Kate is pretty sure that the caller is gorgeous Diego Martinez, and even surer that the girl in question is Alana. Kate is excited for her friend ... until Kate herself starts to develop feelings for Diego. Suddenly, Kate finds that while doling out wisdom to others may be easy, asking for help is tougher than it looks, and following your own advice is even harder.

Kasie West's adorable story of secrets, love, and friendship is sure to win over hearts everywhere.

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❃ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. ❃

Review: Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

This book is so original! It tells the story of a shy girl who ends up as the host of a podcast against her will. On the show, she runs an advice segment, and one mystery caller seems an awful lot like her best friend’s crush. I loved the podcasts, and this is something I’ve never read about before. What I especially enjoyed is the fact that the reader is taken behind the scenes with the production, but the book isn’t swamped by it. Overall, this is a cute and summery book that will have you eager to stream some podcasts.

❀ Relatable Main Character

I really enjoyed Kate’s character. She is so relatable as a shy girl, and her voice is authentic. She transforms throughout the book and really starts to get the hang of hosting. Kate is also so caring, and she is considerate of her friend’s feelings before falling for her potential crush. I would totally want to be her friend in real life, especially since she gives good advice.

❀ Strong Family and Friendship Themes

As always with Kasie West, this book has some strong themes of family and friendship. I loved reading about Kate’s interactions with her brother and her cousin. They are so close, and you can feel Kate’s love for her family throughout the story. Her friendship with Alana is also admirable, and they are so supportive of each other. I always prefer family and friendship to romance, and that is exactly what this book delivered.

❀ A Unique Story

Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West is a unique story about podcasting. The main character is realistic and there are prominent themes of family and friendship. If you have yet to read one of Kasie West’s books, I would definitely recommend that you do so right away!

About Kasie West

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17 thoughts on “Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

  1. Marie says:

    Oh such a lovely review – I haven’t ever read a book with podcasts mentioned in it, it’s so interesting that the main character will end up being involved in one, such a cool aspect to include in a book! 🙂 I have read one Kasie West book and enjoyed it, I might have to check out this one sometime 😀
    Marie recently posted…WIP Talk: The Milestones Writing Tag

  2. Jaime Lester says:

    I don’t think there is much that Kasie West can do wrong. I mean, I think the woman is a genius. And this is the first one in a while that really screams at me to READ ME NOW

  3. Sam@WLABB says:

    I am a KWest fan, and you pinpointed one of the reasons why. I love the way she integrates family and friendships into all her stories. Her books are more or less contemporary romances, but she makes them about more, and does so without making the stories too issue heavy. I like her balance, and I always love her cast (Diego was one of my faves in this book).
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…Discussion: Is It Historical?

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