Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks is a thriller that will keep you guessing. Told from three different perspectives of the suspected arsonists along with interviews conducted by the detective on the case, this book is a page-turner. It is a novel that not only looks at motive for setting a building on fire, it also digs deep into the roles women play in society.

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi PerksTitle: Three Perfect Liars
Author: Heidi Perks
Also by this author: Her One Mistake
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genres: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date: August 18, 2020
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Laura has returned to work at Morris and Wood after her maternity leave, only to discover that the woman she brought in to cover for her isn’t planning on going anywhere. Despite her close relationship with the agency’s powerful CEO, Harry Wood, she feels sidelined—and outmaneuvered—as she struggles to balance the twin demands of work and motherhood.

Mia was only supposed to be a temporary hire at Morris and Wood, but she’s managed to make herself indispensable to everyone. Everyone, that is, except Laura. If people only knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not want her to stay.

Janie gave up everything to support her husband and the successful agency he runs. But she has her own dark secret to protect…and will go to any lengths to keep it safe.

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❃ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. ❃

Review: Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks

This book starts off at the scene of the crime and then winds its way back to how it all began. The  concept is intriguing and the snippets from the detective’s interviews add an interesting element to the story. At times it seems obvious which woman is responsible for the fire. However, the story yanks you down a new path just as you start to piece things together.

❀ Flawed Main Characters

Each of the main characters is flawed and very relatable. Not one of them is all that likeable, yet their life choices are defining and it is enjoyable to read each of their perspectives. Laura is a new mom trying to make her way back into her career, while Mia is just starting out. Janie, on the other hand, is a successful attorney taking a step back to be at home with her kids. I really appreciated how the author was able to present these women with different backgrounds and show the importance of supporting women and their life choices.

❀ A Twisty Thriller that keeps you hooked

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks is one to try if you enjoy a twisty thriller that keeps you hooked. The concept is exciting and the characters are intriguing. I am looking forward to what this author has in store for us next.

About Heidi Perks

Image of Heidi Perks

Heidi Perks was born and raised in the seaside town of Bournemouth on the south coast of England. After moving up to London for a short stint, she has since moved back to Bournemouth where she now lives with her husband and two children. Heidi has been writing since she was small, though for too many years her day time job and career in marketing got in the way. Now she writes full time and cannot think of anything she would rather be doing.


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  1. Linda Christine Fast says:

    I love reading a good thriller that is hard to put down. I am adding this to my ‘ to read ‘ pile. Thanks for the introduction to a new book to add to my bookshelf.

  2. Eva Millien says:

    Three Perfect Liars sounds like an interesting read for me, thanks for sharing your review and have an awesome weekend!

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