Review: Someday by David Levithan

Review: Someday by David Levithan

Someday by David Levithan is such a gift to fans of the first two books in the series. This third book in the Every Day series takes the story into a new direction and digs deeper into what it means to be human. The characters are interesting and the political aspects that are woven into the plot give the series an updated point of view.

Review: Someday by David LevithanTitle: Someday (Every Day #3)
Series: Every Day #3
Author: David Levithan
Also by this author: Another Day (Every Day #2)
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: October 2, 2018
Rating: four-stars
Series Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Every day a new body. Every day a new life. Every day a new choice.

For as long as A can remember, life has meant waking up in a different person's body every day, forced to live as that person until the day ended. A always thought there wasn't anyone else who had a life like this.

But A was wrong. There are others.

A has already been wrestling with powerful feelings of love and loneliness. Now comes an understanding of the extremes that love and loneliness can lead to -- and what it's like to discover that you are not alone in the world.

In Someday, David Levithan takes readers further into the lives of A, Rhiannon, Nathan, and the person they may think they know as Reverend Poole, exploring more deeply the questions at the core of Every Day and Another Day What is a soul? And what makes us human?

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Review: SOmeDay by David Levithan

One of the most intriguing parts of the entire Every Day series is the way in which the character known as A inhabits another person’s body each day. Someday continues to explore how difficult it is for A to not have a life that is completely their own. It is really enlightening to read more about A and think about what makes us human.

❀ Multiple Perspectives

This novel is written in multiple perspectives, which is quite different from the first two novels. I really enjoyed reading about Rhiannon, A’s love interest. Her character also sees quite a bit of growth from where Another Day ended. I was so happy to see her as a strong and independent woman in this book. Her story seems to have come full circle, as she is very introspective and more aware of others.

❀ Political Themes

David Levithan has added some political content in this next instalment in the Every Day series. It was so wonderful to read about the characters and their experiences at an Equality March in Washington. This pulls the whole story together, as it fits so well with the themes of love and acceptance.

❀ An Enjoyable Story

Someday by David Levithan is sure to be another favourite if you enjoyed the other books in the Every Day series,  It is so easy to jump back into the story and the multiple perspectives are a fantastic addition to the plot. I love how Levithan really gets the reader to believe this concept and makes you think at the same time.

Book Quotes: Someday by David Levithan


Every time the doorbell rings, I think it might be A. Every time someone looks at me for a beat too long. Every time a message arrives in my inbox. Every time the phone displays a number I don’t know. For a second or two, I fool myself into believing.


There’s no way this is an accident. There’s no way this wasn’t intended. I scroll down and see, in the comments section, another song. Not our song. But still- irrefutable.

About David Levithan

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David Levithan (born 1972) is an American children's book editor and award-winning author. He published his first YA book, Boy Meets Boy, in 2003. Levithan is also the founding editor of PUSH, a Young Adult imprint of Scholastic Press.


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