Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

Immoral Code by Lillian Clark sounds so cool and the fact that it is about a heist has me very excited. The early reviews for this book on Goodreads seem to be very positive. I love books that feature friendships and have some intrigue as well. I’m looking forward to finding out how this heist is pulled off!

Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

Immoral Code Lillian ClarkTitle: Immoral Code
Author: Lillian Clark
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: February 19, 2019

Summary (from Goodreads):

For Nari, aka Narioka Diane, aka hacker digital alter ego “d0l0s," it’s college and then a career at “one of the big ones," like Google or Apple. Keagan, her sweet, sensitive boyfriend, is happy to follow her wherever she may lead. Reese is an ace/aro visual artist with plans to travel the world. Santiago is off to Stanford on a diving scholarship, with very real Olympic hopes. And Bellamy? Physics genius Bellamy is admitted to MIT—but the student loan she’d been counting on is denied when it turns out her estranged father—one Robert Foster—is loaded.

Nari isn’t about to let her friend’s dreams be squashed by a deadbeat billionaire, so she hatches a plan to steal just enough from Foster to allow Bellamy to achieve her goals.


Book Quotes: Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

Someday Reese’s steely gaze shall be a thing of legends.

It was hot. Airless. Scarlet, cardinal, crimson.

About Lillian Clark

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Lillian Clark, a graduate of the University of Wyoming, grew up riding horses, climbing trees, and going on grand imaginary adventures in the small-town West. She's worked as a lifeguard, a camp counselor, and a Zamboni driver, but found her eternal love working as a bookseller at an independent bookstore. Now living in Teton Valley, Idaho with her husband, son, and two giant dogs, she spends her time reading almost anything and writing books for teens.

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  1. Sam@wlabb says:

    I am excited about this one too. I just got approved last week. so I will definitely be reading it. Like the Robin Hood vibe and the cast sounds really interesting too.

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