Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson sounds like an incredible fantasy story, and I am so excited that it is set in The Remnant Chronicles world. I have only read the first book in The Remnant Chronicles series, The Kiss of Deception. I read it during the Summer TBR Wipeout last year, and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I am able to read the other instalments soon.

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. PearsonTitle: Dance of Thieves
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co. Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Summary (from Goodreads):

When the patriarch of the Ballenger empire dies, his son, Jase, becomes its new leader. Even nearby kingdoms bow to the strength of this outlaw family, who have always governed by their own rules. But a new era looms on the horizon, set in motion by a young queen, which makes her the target of the dynasty's resentment and anger.

At the same time, Kazi, a legendary former street thief, is sent by the queen to investigate transgressions against the new settlements. When Kazi arrives in the forbidding land of the Ballengers, she learns that there is more to Jase than she thought. As unexpected events spiral out of their control, bringing them intimately together, they continue to play a cat and mouse game of false moves and motives in order to fulfill their own secret missions.


Book Quotes: Dance of Thieves

Choose your words carefully, even the words you think, because they become seeds, and seeds become history.

I do want tomorrows with you, Jase. I want a lifetime of tomorrows.

About Mary E. Pearson

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Mary E. Pearson is the New York Times Bestselling and  award-winning author of The Remnant Chronicles trilogy, The Jenna Fox Chronicles, The Miles Between, A Room on Lorelei, and Scribbler of Dreams.  She writes full-time from her home office in California.

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18 thoughts on “Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

  1. Eve says:

    Okay wow this cover is beautiful I’m a sucker for a decorative cover and pretty font! I have a series by this author sitting on my shelf waiting to be read (I am horrible and need to catch up badly) so maybe this is the inspiration I need to do so because this sounds great!

  2. jennrenee says:

    I am so very very very excited for this one. I have read some other books by this author and loved them. I have high hopes for thisbook.

  3. Jaime Lester says:

    The cover absolutely catches my attention, and the book sounds good too. I haven’t read the Remnant Chronicles, but I am curious to see what people think of this one.

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