Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way

Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way

Crafting Cute by Dani Banani is such a fun introduction to the world of Kawaii and polymer clay. The instructions are clear and the equipment is easy to obtain. Also, alongside the steps are super cute images to help inspire your designs.

Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii WayTitle: Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way
Publisher: Rock Point
Genres: Crafts, Lifestyle
Publication Date: November 26, 2019
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Let Dani Banani of the popular Etsy shop FunUsual Suspects show you how to make 50 kawaii creations out of inexpensive and easy-to-find polymer clay. Kawaii—the culture of cuteness, originating in Japan—is everywhere, and it’s time to join the cuteness revolution with these amazingly fun projects.

Just follow the simple step-by-step photos and instructions to create darling characters, ranging from small trinkets to larger home accessories, including:

25 itty-bitty and ridiculously cute charms, earrings, brooches, and figurines of Popsicles, macarons, French toast, waffles, bacon and eggs, donuts, tacos, sloths, unicorns, and more.

15 adorable midsize pieces, such as plant holders, desk accessories, and ring holders in the shapes of llamas, hedgehogs, whales, jellyfish, and more.
10 large “showstopper” pieces, such as a rainbow soap dish, fairy garden, penguin tic-tac-toe game, and robot paper clip holder.

With information to get you started, including techniques on softening the clay, color mixing, and baking, Crafting Cute will have you delightfully sculpting in no time.

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Review: Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way

This book’s focus is really all about crafting cute clay figurines, so there is not much as far as a table of contents goes. The author gives a brief introduction about herself and how she got her start working with clay. Also, Dani describes a few tools to obtain for creating the figurines, and suggests to grow a collection as you go along.

❀ Perfect to start learning about clay

Kawaii, as Dani explains, is perfect to start learning how to craft with clay, as the cute images are simple in their lines and curves. She gives advice on how to work with polymer clay as well in clear, concise language with lots of visuals. There are instructions for many of the items you can find in her Etsy shop, such as charms, figurines, and earrings.

Crafting Cute Clay Kawaii

❀ Therapeutic and Fun

I started off with a simple book charm to get my feet wet before tackling some of the more difficult projects. It is so therapeutic and fun to make these little figurines, and I can see myself making more of them. I really appreciate the author’s descriptions of how to work with the clay to activate it and  the tips to ensure success.

❀ A Wonderful Book

Crafting Cute by Dani Banani is a wonderful book to learn the basics of working with polymer clay. It is a perfect guide for preteens, as well as adults. Definitely a great gift for the crafter on your list.


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21 thoughts on “Crafting Cute: Polymer Clay the Kawaii Way

  1. Rosie says:

    Oh wow, this is a great idea! I’d like to get this for a senior relative looking for a craft to make things that doesn’t require a big investment, and sooo adorable!

  2. Lori Smanski says:

    thanks for sharing. I love to play with polymer clan and this book looks like so much fun. will have to check this one out

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