April Fool’s Day Book Tag: Bookish Pranksters!



April Fool’s Day Book Tag

There is something about the holidays and books that just make me want to celebrate. While April Fool’s Day isn’t really a holiday, it is a super fun day to have a little harmless fun with your friends and loved ones. I created this April Fool’s Day book tag to celebrate this comical day through books. Enjoy and watch out for those pranksters!

A Fool’s Errand: a book where someone is sent on a wild goose chase.


Poor Q is definitely on a fool’s errand in his quest for the infamous Margo in Paper Towns.


Non-existent: a book where a character looks for things that don’t exist.


In this fast-paced thriller, the main character in Damage Done searches for suspects and clues that don’t exactly exist.


Prankster: a book that includes a character who plays a prank on someone.


This book is all about pranks and revenge. This series is just so wonderfully written and full of surprises. Gemma and Hallie are the best pranksters!


Absurd: a book with a character who tries to get others to believe ridiculous things.


The main character in this suspenseful story attempts to get people to believe her crazy tales of her twin sister. This book honestly shocked me so much.


Poisson d’avril: a book set in France.


I love to include this book wherever I can because it is the perfect book that just makes you wish for a romantic trip to Paris.


Poser: a book where a character pretends to be someone else.


In Daughter of Deep Silence, the main character, Frances, changes her identity after a boat accident and pretends to be her best friend.

Comedian: a book that makes you laugh out loud while you are reading.


Finding Audrey is honestly one of the funniest YA books I’ve ever read. It is so relatable and filled with characters that are so comical! If you are looking for a good pick-me-up, this is the book for you.


Parody: a funny imitation of another book that you enjoy.

I discovered this book when I was walking around the library one day. It intrigued me, so I picked it up. It is basically Goodnight Moon, but with a more modern twist.


A Noodle: a book that takes place in England.


The most obvious choice is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This is one of my all-time favourites and no book tag is complete without it!


A Cuckoo Bird: a book set in Scotland.


The Scottish setting of Into the Dim is so beautifully described by Janet B. Taylor that it is now a place I am desperate to visit someday.


Happy April Fool’s Day Book Tag!

I tag you to try this tag someday! Just remember that all pranks come to an end at 12:00 noon! 🙂

6 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Book Tag: Bookish Pranksters!

  1. Sam says:

    I just finished Finding Audrey yesterday. I loved it, but then again, I am a HUGE Kinsella fan. I thought she did a great job with her first YA book.

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