Review: Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion

Review: Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay ChampionTitle: Someday, Somewhere
Author: Lindsay Champion
Publisher: KCP Loft
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: April 3rd 2018
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

"That's the thing about music, I guess. It begins, it consumes you, and then it ends."

Dominique is a high school junior from a gritty neighborhood in Trenton, where she and her mom are barely getting by.

Ben is a musical prodigy from the Upper East Side, a violinist at a top conservatory with obsessive talent and a brilliant future.

When Dom's class is taken to hear a concert at Carnegie Hall, she expects to be bored out of her mind. But then she sees the boy in the front row playing violin like his life depends on it --- and she is transfixed.

Posing as an NYU student, Dom sneaks back to New York City to track down Ben Tristan, a magnetic genius who whisks her into a fantasy world of jazz clubs and opera, infatuation and possibility. Each sees something in the other that promises to complete them.

As Dom's web of lies grows, though, so does Ben's manic need to conquer Beethoven's famous Kreutzer Sonata. Ben's genius, which captivates Dominique, conceals his struggle with mental illness, and the challenges of Dom's life may make it difficult for her to help him.

Alternating perspectives and an unreliable narrator create suspense and momentum, romance and heartbreak. Author Lindsay Champion's deep roots in theater and music are evident on every page --- structured like a sonata with hints of West Side Story, her debut novel hits all the right notes.

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Review: Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion

I have always been drawn to books about music, so it’s no wonder that I enjoyed Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Championso much. This book is absolutely heartbreaking, but beautiful at the same time. The main characters are so realistic and easy to root for, and the dual perspectives add so much emotion to the story. I would definitely recommend this one, especially to those with an interest in music.

❀ Love at First Sight

This book is all about love at first sight and music. It tells the story of a girl who falls in love with a violinist performing at Carnegie Hall when she goes to see a concert with her class. Dominique is desperate to meet the violinist again and takes frequent trips into the city posing as an NYU student to get to know him. At the same time, Ben is obsessive with his practising and is also keeping a secret from Dominique. I loved the musical aspects of this book and how accurate the descriptions of Ben’s playing actually are. This is a true emotional rollercoaster, and this story captivated me until the very last page.

❀ Enjoyable Main Characters

I enjoyed both the main characters in the story, and both their narrations interested me. Dominique is a dancer, but she is unable to pursue her dream since she is living in poverty. She is perseverant and has a great best friend who is so supportive of her. I didn’t like the whole lying thing, but overall, I enjoyed her voice. I think I liked Ben more than Dominique. His story is so suspenseful, and his narrations are more lyrical. To me, Ben’s struggles seem so real, and his cryptic personality really drew me in.

❀ Dual Narration

The dual narration is very effective in Someday, Somewhere. It is interesting to see what Dominique and Ben think of each other before they formally meet, and more suspense is added to the story. Because we don’t get as personal with the characters, it allows for some shocking twists and that you honestly don’t see coming. I find that sometimes it can be difficult to give both characters different voices when using multiple perspectives, but Lindsay Champion nailed it.

❀ Heart-Wrenching

Someday, Somewhere by Lindsay Champion is a heart-wrenching story about music and hardship. The main characters are both enjoyable and have their flaws. The use of multiple perspectives is excellent, and it brings a lot of emotion to the story. This book will captivate any reader, and I would definitely recommend it.

About Lindsay Champion

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Lindsay is a YA author living in the best place in the universe, New York City. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she spent most of her time doing high kicks and eating falafel. She served as the Features Editor at, where she somehow managed to interview her celebrity crushes Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal without fainting or peeing her pants. She is the Food and Wellness Director for the digital media company PureWow, mostly for the snacks. Her first novel, SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE, hits store shelves April 3, 2018.

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