Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown is a thriller that has so many twists that you won’t see coming. The characters are raw and unexpected and the dual narrator format gives an interesting perspective. It is a story that not only gives the reader a mystery to solve, it also provides a look into the relationships we have with others.

Pretty Things by Janelle BrownTitle: Pretty Things
Author: Janelle Brown
Also by this author: I'll Be You
Publisher: Random House
Genres: Adult Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date: April 21, 2020
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Two wildly different women—one a grifter, the other an heiress—are brought together by the scam of a lifetime in a page-turner from the New York Times bestselling author of Watch Me Disappear.

Nina once bought into the idea that her fancy liberal arts degree would lead to a fulfilling career. When that dream crashed, she turned to stealing from rich kids in L.A. alongside her wily Irish boyfriend, Lachlan. Nina learned from the best: Her mother was the original con artist, hustling to give her daughter a decent childhood despite their wayward life. But when her mom gets sick, Nina puts everything on the line to help her, even if it means running her most audacious, dangerous scam yet.

Vanessa is a privileged young heiress who wanted to make her mark in the world. Instead she becomes an Instagram influencer—traveling the globe, receiving free clothes and products, and posing for pictures in exotic locales. But behind the covetable façade is a life marked by tragedy. After a broken engagement, Vanessa retreats to her family’s sprawling mountain estate, Stonehaven: a mansion of dark secrets not just from Vanessa’s past, but from that of a lost and troubled girl named Nina.

Nina’s, Vanessa’s, and Lachlan’s paths collide here, on the cold shores of Lake Tahoe, where their intertwined lives give way to a winter of aspiration and desire, duplicity and revenge.

This dazzling, twisty, mesmerizing novel showcases acclaimed author Janelle Brown at her best, as two brilliant, damaged women try to survive the greatest game of deceit and destruction they will ever play.

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❃ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. ❃

Review: Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

There is so much about the plot of Pretty Things that can’t be revealed without spoiling it. However, the concept of a grifter and an heiress whose worlds collide is just the tip of the iceberg. Janelle Brown takes the con artist trope and kicks it up a notch. The plans are elaborate, but the stakes will surprise the reader.

❀ Well-Developed Characters

Nina and Vanessa are both well-developed characters that at first are hard to like. As their flaws are exposed and more of their backstories are revealed, I started to appreciate each of them for different reasons. Vanessa seems quite superficial at the beginning, but as she transforms, the plot takes on an interesting twist.

❀ Mother-Daughter Relationship is Surprising

The relationship between Nina and her mother is one that really surprised me. I enjoyed reading about their bond and the way that it seemed like the two of them against the world. Her mom wanted a better life for Nina, but the grifter lifestyle is one that neither of them can escape easily.

❀ Twisty with a Contemporary Feel

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown is perfect for you If you love a twisty thriller that has a contemporary feel. The characters and the plot will surprise you. I also just discovered that it is going to be adapted into an Amazon series staring Nicole Kidman, so it is sure to be one to watch as well.

About Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown is the author of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and This Is Where We Live. An essayist and a journalist, she has written for Vogue, The New York Times, Elle, Wired, Self, the Los Angeles Times, Salon, and numerous other publications. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.


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