My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn is an instant must-read for fans of boarding school books. The book is both entertaining and emotional, and the main character is likeable. I especially loved reading the descriptions of Tokyo. This is a fun read that is also informative.

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel CohnTitle: My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life
Author: Rachel Cohn
Also by this author: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares (Dash & Lily #1)
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: December 18, 2018
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

"I'm here to take you to live with your father. In Tokyo, Japan! Happy birthday!"

In the Land of the Rising Sun, where high culture meets high kitsch, and fashion and technology are at the forefront of the First World's future, the foreign-born teen elite attend ICS-the International Collegiate School of Tokyo. Their accents are fluid. Their homes are ridiculously posh. Their sports games often involve a (private) plane trip to another country. They miss school because of jet lag and visa issues. When they get in trouble, they seek diplomatic immunity.

Enter foster-kid-out-of-water Elle Zoellner, who, on her sixteenth birthday discovers that her long-lost father, Kenji Takahari, is actually a Japanese hotel mogul and wants her to come live with him. Um, yes, please! Elle jets off first class from Washington D.C. to Tokyo, which seems like a dream come true. Until she meets her enigmatic father, her way-too-fab aunt, and her hyper-critical grandmother, who seems to wish Elle didn't exist. In an effort to please her new family, Elle falls in with the Ex-Brats, a troupe of uber-cool international kids who spend money like it's air. But when she starts to crush on a boy named Ryuu, who's frozen out by the Brats and despised by her new family, her already tenuous living situation just might implode.

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life is about learning what it is to be a family, and finding the inner strength to be yourself, even in the most extreme circumstances.

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My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn

This book tells the story of a girl who is sent off to Tokyo after her father suddenly appears in her life. I was surprised at the number of social issues tackled in the book such as addiction and the foster care system. As well, there is a big theme of family throughout the story which is so heartwarming to read. Honestly, the plot is pretty clichéd, but I still found the book to be enjoyable.

❀ Ellie is Strong and Resilient

I really enjoyed the main character in the book, Elle. She is strong and resilient, and she really transforms as the story progresses. Her actions are realistic for her age, and she is relatable as she tries to fit in at her new school. What I especially enjoyed about her is the fact that she faces so much hardship but doesn’t ever complain. One thing that can ruin a book for me is a whiny main character, so I was glad to see that trait absent in Elle.

❀ Tokyo Setting

Of course, one of the main things that drew me to this story was the Tokyo setting, and I loved the way the setting is described. It is so interesting to learn about the culture and social norms in Japan along with Elle. The city really comes to life in the book, and I personally think that Cohn’s depiction does it justice. Just reading about the bustling metropolis had me dying to visit Tokyo!

❀ Sweet Story

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life by Rachel Cohn is a sweet story about family and adapting to a new lifestyle. I enjoyed the main character and the descriptions of Japan. I would recommend this one to those looking for something short and sweet.

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