Review: Follow Me by Sara Shepard

Review: Follow Me by Sara Shepard

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Follow Me by Sara Shepard is the exciting sequel to The Amateurs. This book follows a group of teen detectives who attempt to track down a killer. The multiple perspectives work nicely, and the main characters are all enjoyable. This is a perfect mystery series, and I can’t wait until the final book is released next year!

Review: Follow Me by Sara ShepardTitle: Follow Me (The Amateurs #2)
Series: The Amateurs #2
Author: Sara Shepard
Also by this author: The Amateurs (The Amateurs #1)
Publisher: Freeform
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Rating: four-half-stars
Series Rating: five-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

It was the perfect night for a party.

That is, until twenty-one-year-old Chelsea Dawson disappeared. The social media star was last seen enjoying a beautiful summer night at the Jersey Shore with her friends. But after an explosive fight with her ex-boyfriend, she vanished without a trace.

When Seneca, Maddox, Aerin, and Madison hear about the suspected kidnapping, they notice a jarring detail about the victim: she looks exactly like Aerin’s sister, Helena, who was killed five years earlier. Seneca is convinced she knows who killed Helena, and she can’t shake the feeling that the same person has taken Chelsea.

Desperate for answers about the two girls, and the truth behind her mother’s murder, Seneca will stop at nothing to find out if the cases are linked. So when Maddox receives an invitation to the Shore from none other than their primary suspect, the Amateurs begin an intense new investigation.

Full of disturbing secrets, startling twists, and horrifying revelations, the second book in #1 New York Times best-selling author Sara Shepard’s The Amateurs series follows the team down a twisted path—one crafted by a brilliant killer.


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Review: Follow Me by Sara Shepard

This is the second instalment in The Amateurs series, and is just as eerie as the first. It follows a group of teen amateur detectives who get back together to hunt down a serial killer. Follow Me is the kind of book that will frustrate you on behalf of the characters as the group tries to expose the killer while also being threatened by him. This book is filled with suspense as the main characters follow the clues to his location, and there are many shocking plot twists. However, compared to The AmateursFollow Me is a little bit lacking. In the first book, the characters try to figure out who is behind the series of murders, but in the sequel, we already know who the killer is, so the story is basically just them trying to find his location. It is still enjoyable, but I would have liked a bit more.

❀ Multiple Perspectives

I really enjoyed the use of multiple perspectives in Follow Me. The reader gets to delve into not only the thoughts of the entire group, but also the killer. It is so interesting knowing what both sides are planning at the same time, and it really adds to the creepiness knowing what is happening to the girl who was kidnapped. I am always a fan of multiple POVs, but it worked especially well in this book.

❀ Great Cast of Characters

There is a great cast of characters in this series. My personal favourite was Seneca, since she is great at interpreting clues and is so determined to find the killer. However, the rest of the group doesn’t seem to have as big of a role in this instalment, which is a little bit disappointing. I remember enjoying Aerin’s character in the first book, so I would have liked to see more of her.

❀ Perfect for Fall

Follow Me by Sara Shepard is the sequel to The Amateurs and tells the story of a group of sleuths trying to track down a serial killer. The multiple narrations is intriguing, especially the killer’s perspective, and the main characters are all so likeable. This series is perfect for the fall, and I would definitely recommend it to those searching for a super suspenseful mystery.

About Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College. She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Sara's Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia's Main Line.

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