Review: Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby Dodds

Review: Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby DoddsTitle: Amish Guys Don't Call
Author: Debby Dodds
Publisher: Blue Moon Publishing
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Samantha is already facing scrutiny and anxiety at the start of her junior year, as she's finally been accepted into the popular girls' clique called "The Sherpas." But when she realizes that her new boyfriend Zach was raised Amish, Sam must tackle a whole new set of challenges! Zach has chosen not to end his Rumspringa, instigating a potential shunning from his family. Not only that, but Sam's new friends can't miss this opportunity to tease and torment her.

Sam has never really come to terms with her parents' divorce, so when her world crashes down on her in the form of cyberbullying and Zach's apparent return to the Amish community, she reverts to old, illegal habits. Does Sam even want friends like these? And, will her culture-crossed love with Zach find a way?


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Review: Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby Dodds

Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby Dodds is a powerful story that explores the Amish way of life, however, it also shows the reader that deep down there is a similar desire in all of us to be accepted by our friends and family. As well, the characters are well-developed and relatable, making this book an enjoyable read. There is something intriguing about a culture that lives among us, yet is different in so many ways.

❀ Small Town Setting

Having lived near a Mennonite community my whole life, I have an idea of the small town setting of this book from my own experiences. Dodds really takes the time to educate her readers on many aspects of the Amish and their beliefs. The differences between the Amish and Mennonites that are also described surprised me, and I have a new appreciation for the people that I see in horse and buggy on a daily basis.

❀ Sweet Romance

The budding relationship between Sam and Zach is so sweet. Zach is quite old-fashioned and treats Sam with so much respect. Both of these characters are dealing with feelings of not being accepted by their friends and family. It is so interesting how Dodds shows two different worlds and how they both have this similar issue. It is the forgiveness that is so important in the Amish culture that seems to pulse throughout the novel, and makes it one to learn from.

❀ Relatable Main Character

Sam is a character that is easy to identify with. She has some flaws, yet is also a head strong and intelligent teen that simply wants to fit into this new town she is living in. When things start to go wrong, she discovers that there are many people that she can lean on. This book is truly inspiring for anyone who has dealt with any form of bullying.

❀ A Unique Book

Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby Dodds is a unique book that explores different cultures and shares it similarities. There are interesting and relatable characters that make the book enjoyable to read. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone wanting to read a contemporary that is a little bit different in concept.

Book Quotes: Amish Guys Don’t Call by Debby Dodds

Book Beginning:

It wasn’t like we’d seen them pull up in a horse and buggy or anything, but their Amish-ness was unmistakeable.

Friday 56:

“Denying technology instead of using it wisely just seems lobbich, um, that means silly.”

“I love learning Pennsylvania Dutch words and expressions,” I told him, leaning into him again, even closer, if that was possible.

About Debby Dodds

Debby Dodds

Debby Dodds is the author of the novel Amish Guys Don't Call (Blue Moon, June 2017) which was awarded “One of the Best YA of 2017” by Powell’s Books. She has stories in ten anthologies, including the NY Times best-selling My Little Red Book (Hachette) and The Things That You Would Have Said (Penguin) as well as: The SunSalon.comxoJaneThe Living Dead MagazinePortland Family, and Hip Mama, and she won Portland’s Wizard World 2017 Fiction Contest. She used to be known for her screams in horror movies and her "melting routine" onstage at Disney World.

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  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    I really am curious about this one. Like I said before, the Amish culture is amazing to me, and I look forward to learning more about it with this story.

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