Gifts for Book Lovers: Clever Gifts for Readers

Gifts for Book Lovers: Clever Gifts for Readers

Gifts for book lovers and readers are surprisingly a lot easier to find than you would think! There are many clever and unique gift ideas that readers and book lovers will enjoy and need. The best gifts for bookworms are personalized and range from an inexpensive bookmark from Amazon to much needed bookshelves to hold those never-ending piles of books. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a reader in your life that aren’t just books, we have you covered with our ultimate list!


Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

Last Updated: May 2022

  1. Book Sleeve from Book Beau

Book sleeves are absolutely invaluable and for any bona fide bookworm. Not only do these padded covers protect our very coveted books while away from home, they are stylish and fun as well. Take a look at just how fantastic they are in Book Beau’s video below.

2. Book Lover’s Journal

3. Bookish Tote Bag from Out of Print

4. Book Lover’s Cup of Tea: Including Tea Infuser

5. Floating Bookshelf

6.  Reading Socks from PeonyandMoss

Reading Socks PeonyandMoss

Reading Socks from PeonyandMoss via Etsy

7. Kindle e-Reader

8. Knock Knock’s Personal Library Kit

9. Library Card Ornament from DeliciousAcessories

Library Card Ornament

Library Card Ornament from DeliciousAcessories via Etsy

10. Flexlight Book Light

Flexlight Book Light

11. Custom Library Book Stamp from Typii 

Custom Library Book Stamp

Custom Library Book Stamp via Typii on Etsy


12. Magnetic Bookmark from EpikPage

Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic Bookmark from EpikPage via Etsy


12. Literary Themed Tea from NovelTeaTins

novel tea tins

Literary Tea From NovelTeaTins via Etsy


13. Blind Date With a Book Box from MarDeLunaArtsCo

blind date with a book

Blind Date With a Book from MarDeLunaArtsCo via Etsy

14. Penguin Mini Books

I simply adore these pocket-sized books and use them to decorate my bookshelves. There are so many different titles to choose from. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of these cute little editions.

15. Custom Bookish Funko Pop from Apapertown

bookish funk pop

Bookish Funko Pop from APaperTown via Etsy

16. Audiobook Membership

Audible Membership

17. Cozy Throw Blanket for Reading

18. Bathtub Caddy

19. A Bookish Cookbook

20. Cool Bookends

21. Book-Themed Soap from TrinitySoap3

Pick Your House Soap

Pick Your House Soap from TrinitySoap3 via Etsy


22. Book-Themed Candles from FlyPaperProducts

book themed candle

Book-Themed Candle from FlyPaperProducts via Etsy

23. Kindle Unlimited Membership

kindle unlimited


24. Bookish Pillow from BrassingtonHollow

bookish pillow

Book Pillow from BrassingtonHollow via Etsy

25. Headphones

26. Book Stair Decals from VIPDecals

book stair decals

Book Stair Decals from VIPdecals via Etsy


27. Personalized Bookish Wall Art from LauraRowStudio

Bookish wall art

Personalized Art Print via LauraRowStudio via Etsy


28. Bookish Tumbler from UnmeasuredDesigns

bookish tumbler

Bookish Tumbler from UnmeasuredDesigns via Etsy

Gifts for book lovers and those who enjoy reading are more fun than you imagined! While we always love more books, sometimes a little bookish item to go along with the bookworm hobby is just as nice. What are some of your favourite bookish items to give and receive?

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