Wrap-Up: Summer TBR Wipeout 2016

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Well, the summer is officially winding down and while I still have a holiday or two left to enjoy, the summer seems to be slipping through my fingers! I have also discovered a great deal about my reading habits while doing this challenge, so while I did not accomplish exactly what I set out to do, I have made a huge realization that will help me in the future! Continue reading

Summer TBR Wipeout 2016 Update #2

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We are winding it down now and there are only a couple of weeks left to get all of that summer reading accomplished! I have been excited to see the progress that everyone has made during the challenge and I have also learned so much about what makes my TBR tick. I think that I have always known this in the back of my head, but I really do change up that old TBR on a regular basis. Just wait until you see the 360 I did!  Continue reading

Summer TBR Wipeout 2016 Update #1

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It is hard to believe that we are half-way through the month of July already! We are into our third week of the challenge and I have visited some amazing blogs and posts. Some of you have so many books on your list that I am a little bit envious for some reason! I haven’t had much time for reading this month as I was busy being an interpreter at a pioneer village and have been on holidays in Atlantic Canada. You would think that I would get lots of reading accomplished, but I was too busy exploring! Continue reading