Book Tag: reputation Stadium Tour | Taylor Swift


The two things that I love most are books and Taylor Swift, so naturally I am bound to compare the two at some point! I am super excited to be attending the reputation Stadium Tour this August in Toronto. The setlist for the concert has been all that I have listened to since the tour started in May. This rep tag is a little reading list to get you in the spirit of the rep tour! Continue reading

Canadian Books List: Coast to Coast

Canada Books List


Canadian Books List

In honour of Canada Day today, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of Canadian books that are set in each of Canada’s provinces and territories. This Canadian Books list was not as easy as it sounds. While there are many incredible stories written by Canadians and books that are set in various places in Canada, there aren’t nearly enough stories that represent the northern territories of the country. This books list is definitely one that will be recognizable to many Canadians. Continue reading

April Fool’s Day Book Tag: Bookish Pranksters!



April Fool’s Day Book Tag

There is something about the holidays and books that just make me want to celebrate. While April Fool’s Day isn’t really a holiday, it is a super fun day to have a little harmless fun with your friends and loved ones. I created this April Fool’s Day book tag to celebrate this comical day through books. Enjoy and watch out for those pranksters! Continue reading