The Girl with the Wrong Name, Barnabas Miller

The Girl with the Wrong Name, Barnabas MillerTitle: The Girl With the Wrong Name
Author: Barnabas Miller
Publisher: Soho Teen
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date: November 3, 2015
Rating: four-stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Ever since “The Night In Question” left her with a hideous scar and no memory of what happened, Theo Lane has been hiding. An aspiring filmmaker, she uses a hidden button cam to keep the world at bay. She spends the entire summer in a Manhattan café, secretly documenting random “subjects.”

Once school starts, Theo finds her best friend has morphed into a flirtatious, short-skirt-clad stranger. Everyone ignores the scar. As if that will make it go away. The café remains her lunchtime refuge.

Her most interesting subject is the Lost Boy, a stranger who comes in every day at the same time. When she finally gets up the courage to talk to him she discovers why: the Lost Boy, Andy, is waiting for someone who said she’d meet him there…four days ago. Intoxicated by Andy’s love for this mystery girl, Theo agrees to help him find her, and her unhealthy obsession pulls her into a perilous, mind-bending journey. But is it really Andy’s world she’s investigating? Or is it her own?

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Review: The Girl With the Wrong Name by Barnabas Miller

The Girl with the Wrong Name by Barnabas Miller should be on the radar of readers looking for a thrill ride of a book. It is an intense psychological thriller that has an aspiring filmmaker as its protagonist. Also, the plot is so unpredictable, it leaves the reader in a constant state of wonder. Continue reading