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Unknown.pngThe Travelling Notebook is a YA  book bloggers project hosted by Lia [BookLand] and Josephine [Josie’s Book Corner]. A Notebook left Greece in order to reach Australia. First it has to pass from the hands of book bloggers around the world and be filled with much love and book related stuff. So get inspired and do your magic in order to fill all the pages! 


[BookLand Event Page]

My Experience

Image of The Travelling Notebook and envelope.

I received the notebook from Lia [BookLand] in Canada on August 10th. It was really exciting to receive a package from Greece, as I don’t think I have ever received one from there before. The stamps were so pretty!

Here are Lia’s pages:

Lia's pages from The Travelling Notebook.

Lia created two beautiful pages to start off the YA Book Bloggers Traveling Notebook. There are some beautiful quotes that she chose to include and covers of books by Shelly Crane. I really enjoyed all of Lia’s colourful hand drawn images, they really added a personal touch. Thank you so much for sending it to me, Lia!

The next person to receive the ya book bloggers notebook will be the one to share the page that I have created. I was sure to add some fun things about Canada and my favourite book series. I am super excited to see where the books goes and what is added to the blank pages. Make sure to check out all of the stops along the YA Book Bloggers tour!

YA Book Bloggers Notebook’s next destination

USA is the next stop. Olivia @ The Book Jar Blog will be the next to receive the notebook. She shares an amazing blog with her co-blogger. Go check it out!

If you would like to be a participant, Josie still has the sign-up form up on her event page. There is still time to sign up if you are interested.

10 thoughts on “YA Book Bloggers: YA Book Bloggers Around the World

    • Candid Cover says:

      Just sign up on Josephine’s blog! When you receive the book, you make a post about it. Afterwards, you grace the next page with all of your bookish creativity and then mail it off to the next blogger. It’s such a fun experience!

  1. lovingyoochun says:

    Thank you so much for being part of this journey! I am glad your experience was fun. Hopefully many more people will participate and the Notebook will keep traveling!

  2. Jaime Lynn says:

    This is amazing! I have never heard of it. What a brilliant idea. I hope that the creators do it again, because I would LOVE to be a part of the next one.

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