Giveaway: The Other Side of Magic by Ester Manzini

Giveaway: The Other Side of Magic by Ester Manzini

Welcome to the book blitz for The Other Side of Magic by Ester Manzini! If you enjoy YA fantasy, be sure to check this one out. Keep reading to learn more about the book and enter the giveaway to win an ebook copy for yourself. (INT)

The Other Side of MagicTitle: The Other Side of Magic
Author: Ester Manzini
Publisher: Parliament House
Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Summary (from Goodreads):

A revolution is brewing.

Everyone within the realms of Epidalio and Zafiria is born with magic. However, it is also true that for every spell each and every magic-user casts, their innate abilities begin to slowly wane until their power is feeble and depleted.

True, that is, for almost everyone.

Princess Gaiane Asares of Zafiria is the result of a nearly perfect genetic union. Harnessing royal and magical lineage in her conception, the princess was born infinitely powerful and with no limits upon her magic. Sequestered in a lonesome tower as her strength is used against her will to conquer the land of Epidalio, she must find a way to fight against her captors.

Elsewhere within the realms, Leo—a commoner—was born with no magic at all. Except for her brain, wits, and her own anger, she must confront the circumstances thrown at her without the magical gifts that so many take for granted.

THE OTHER SIDE OF MAGIC is a diverse fantasy filled with action and adventure that is sure to pull you in and hold you fast through each twist and turn!

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The Other Side of Magic

About Ester Manzini

Ester Manzini

Nervous train wreck with a PhD. Video game scriptwriter.


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