Giveaway: Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern

Giveaway: Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern

Welcome to the book blitz for Sunset Rising by S.M. McEachern! If you enjoy dystopian novels, this is a series to check out. Keep reading to learn more about the series and enter the giveaway to win eBooks of the Sunset Rising series. (INT)

Sunset RisingTitle: Sunset Rising
Author: S.M. McEachern
Publisher: Clownfish Publishing
Publication Date: January 10, 2018

Summary (from Goodreads):

Deep inside a mountain in what used to be North America dwells the last of humanity. Welcome to the Biodome, where steel, rock and armed guards separate the privileged from the slaves.

Born and raised as a slave in the Pit, Sunny O’Donnell has always accepted that she'll spend her life working to keep the Dome running and, if she lives long enough, willingly meet her end in the annual Cull when she reaches the age of thirty-five. This was the price her ancestors paid for their place inside the Biodome, the only haven from the global nuclear war of 2024.

But when Sunny’s mother is killed in the Cull, her world is ripped apart. Consumed with grief and torn between her loyalty to her father and her fiancé Reyes Crowe, Sunny heads down a reckless path that sets off a riot in the Pit and leaves her accused of treason. Her only way of escaping public execution is to make a truce with her prison mate, who happens to be the heir to the dictatorship and hated enemy of the Pit.

Now caught between two worlds on the brink of war, Sunny must weigh her own survival and that of the man she is coming to love, against risking everything to save the Pit.

S.M. McEachern delivers the action and adventure of The Hunger Games, the intrigue of The City of Ember, and the romantic notes of Les Misérables in her debut novel set in a future that is disturbingly plausible.


About S.M. McEachern

sm McEachern

S.M. McEachern (who also writes new adult as Susan McEachern) comes from the rocky shores of Canada’s East Coast. She is a graduate of Dalhousie University, with an honours degree in International Development Studies with a focus on ocean development. Throughout her academic studies and early career, Susan had the privilege to study and work with Elisabeth Mann Borgese, daughter of Nobel Prize winner, Thomas Mann.


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