Halloween Costumes Inspired by Books


halloween book costumes

Halloween Costumes: Books Inspired

Halloween costumes that are inspired by books are always so much fun! Combining Halloween with all things book related is the best way to celebrate the season. I am forever pinning and mentally taking note of great bookish costumes. There are so many that would make the best book-related Hallowe’en costume. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this, but I thought that I would share a few of my favourites with you in celebration of Halloween today. 

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

via Simple as That


What is most exciting about this costume is how simple it is. Most of the pieces can be easily found from your own closet. The hair is in a simple braid that can also even  be a bit messy if preferred.

Nancy Drew Halloween book Costume

via Media Book Bub

Everyone’s favourite childhood sleuth! The idea here is a short patterned skirt with a yellow top and a blue cardigan. Top it all off with a headband and a magnifying glass and the costume is good to go!

Book Fairy Halloween Costume

via Lilliedale


Also, how creative is this adorable costume? This fairy might take a little bit more time to assemble, but it seems quite easy to put together with some old books. It is so unique and whimsical.

A Librarian Bookish Halloween Costume

via Polyvore


What better way to show your bookish flair than a costume inspired by a librarian? You can make this costume as fun as you wish. Make sure to cart along a few books to hand out to your favourite trick-or-treaters!

Margo Roth Spiegelman from Paper Towns

via Polyvore


This is also such a fun costume to put together! It is really all in the details here. A little blue spray paint on your finger will also add to the Margo effect.

Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles

via Polyvore


Finally, I really love this costume idea for Halloween. It is very similar to the Katniss one, actually. If you are able to find some work gloves it will be perfect. The hair can be as simple as a messy ponytail.

Happy Halloween! Do you have a great bookish costume idea?



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