The Pen Thief and the Chamber of Power

the pen thiefTitle: The Pen Thief and the Chamber of Power
Author: Tasha Madison
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: June 7, 2022

Summary (from Goodreads):

Chosen to Protect.
Destined to Defend.

Arnie Schmidt has survived high school bullying and crushing heartbreak. Now, he must confront his deepest fear … the truth about his mysterious powers that may change his life and future forever.

Meanwhile, brutal forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on destroying him. To defeat them, Arnie must find the strength to trust himself and those closest to him while undertaking a desperate quest to distinguish fact from fiction.

Deep in the archives of the Fellowship of Guardians—where long-awaited answers slumber—Arnie gains the insight he needs to navigate the unknown. But, the improbable thrusts him into a labyrinth of secrets, unexpected adventures, and a fight to escape an imminent danger. As his world shatters, he must delve into the depths of his power and encourage the abilities of others if he is going to conquer old wounds long enough to survive.

Can Arnie embrace his destiny before ancient shadows ruin the promise of a hidden prophecy?

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