The Night Queen

Title: The Night Queen
Author: Denise Daye
Publisher: Timeless Papers
Publication Date: July 26, 2022

Summary (from Goodreads):

They call me the Night Queen, with a heart as dark as the night itself. But what do they really know about me... when even I don't recognize myself anymore?

On her twentieth birthday, beautiful but proud and arrogant princess Mina von Rhine crosses a line of no return. When she sees all the suitors that her father has invited from the war-torn northern kingdoms, she doesn't choose any of them. Unwilling to be married off to any warmongering northerner, she defies the powerful king of the Rhine and ridicules them all, humiliating and infuriating her father.

Furious at her unacceptable behavior, the mighty king vows he will give Mina's hand in marriage to the first unmarried man who walks through the palace gates—be it a nobleman or a beggar.

But when a handsome carpenter and his sister arrive at the castle the following day to humbly ask for work, the court and the princess watch in utter shock as the king stands by his word and offers Mina to him…

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