Text and Confused

Text and ConfusedTitle: Text and Confused
Author: Whitney Dineen, Melanie Summers
Publication Date: December 27, 2021

Summary (from Goodreads):

It's hate at first text. Or is it...?

I'm Toni Capella, aka the girl who always falls for the wrong guy—tattoos, muscles on top of muscles, and an inability to hold down a decent job. After my last relationship went up in smoke, I decided to change my type.

When my boss hires contractor Cooper Flint, I immediately strike him off my list of potential love interests (no matter how much I want him). Cooper embodies every bad boy trait there is.

That's why I set my sights on our new accountant, Milton Rinks. Nice, sweet, and totally boring. Milton is so far away from my regular type, I decide he must be perfect for me. In hopes that he might be Mr. Right, I am determined to take things turtle slow.

After scoring his number from my boss, I find out he's a total dream via text. I get him to agree to start out with a messaging-only courtship. Via text, Milton is interesting, funny, and surprisingly sexy. I'm hoping that getting to know him better will make me physically more attracted to him.

But then I find out that I was given Cooper's number instead of Milton's. I'm falling for the exact guy I vowed to avoid!

Before I can change my mind, I break things off with Cooper and begin to flirt with Milton. I even agree to go on a Harry Potter cosplay dinner cruise with him on the Hudson for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I'm cringing too.

Then Milton offers to get Cooper tickets as well. Cooper is quick to tell me that he's bringing his gorgeous (not to mention nasty) designer, whom I hate. With a passion.

Let's face it, there's about a 50/50 chance I'm going to snap and toss her overboard. Cooper too. That is unless I jump into his arms and kiss him senseless.

What could possibly go wrong?