Amazon Giveaway: An Apple A Day Giveaway Hop

Amazon Giveaway: An Apple A Day Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the An Apple a Day Giveaway Hop hosted by MamatheFox! This giveaway hop is perfect for the start of fall. Look for giveaways for all sorts of items, such as books and gift cards. I am giving away a $20 Amazon gift card . (INT) Rules

Amazon Giveaway apple day

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MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

108 thoughts on “Amazon Giveaway: An Apple A Day Giveaway Hop

  1. chelsea w says:

    I have a lot of beauty products on my list, but I really want a new quilt for my bed right now so I’ve been adding some to the list as well!

  2. Dorothy Boucher says:

    What I mostly have on my Amazon wish list is food , books for me book for my grandchildren, and a few Autumn clothing.

  3. mistercmo says:

    My wishlist has a bunch of board games. I’m kind of a board game fanatic even though I don’t end up playing as much as I would like.

    • Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

      I have a lot of books on my Amazon wishlist right now!! I also have a few Christmas ideas for my kids on there too.

  4. Stephanie Shipley says:

    Clothes are on my Amazon wishlist right now because I’ve been losing a lot of weight and my current clothes are getting to be too big. I’ll take that as a good problem to have though lol.

  5. Shannon D Citrino says:

    I have a few wishlist on Amazon. 1 is recommendations. 2 is xmas and birthday gift ideas. 3. Is clothing, beauty and shoes I want. 4 is great sale or heavily discounted items

  6. Pauline Milner says:

    I am saving to buy screenwriting software that I need called Final Draft. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Pauline.

  7. Tammy Pereira says:

    Personalized Christmas stockings are currently on my Amazon list. We added some new family members this year and I need to get them some stockings for the holiday.

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