Amazon Giveaway: A Court of Crows by Eliza Eveland

Amazon Giveaway: A Court of Crows by Eliza Eveland

Welcome to the book blitz for A Court of Crows by Eliza Eveland! This book sounds exciting for those who enjoy adult fantasy novels. Keep reading to learn more about the book and enter the giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card. (INT)

A Court of CrowsTitle: A Court of Crows
Author: Eliza Eveland
Publisher: Grim Cat Press LLC
Publication Date: February 10, 2022

Summary (from Goodreads):

A young queen in peril.
A city under siege.
An elven mercenary with a dark desire.

Nineteen-year-old Eris Telari was never supposed to rule Brucia. She’s always been more interested in swordplay than courtly intrigue.

After her brother’s assassination, however, Eris has no choice but to take up the crown and defend her city against an invasion led by an undefeated elven warlord.

With Brucia’s forces decimated, and a siege looming, Eris needs help. Who better to repel the elven invaders than a band of elven mercenaries?

Their leader, Ruith, is as charming as he is deadly, and used to getting what he wants. Six thousand swords strong, his Crows have a reputation for winning against impossible odds. He won’t take a fight he can’t win, and now he has his sights set on Eris…

Is it her kingdom he wants? Or her?

With assassins and traitors still lurking around every corner, and an army nearly twenty thousand strong at her gates, Eris cannot afford to turn away the Crows’ assistance. Even with their help, the battle for Brucia will be hard-won.

And the most dangerous threat may already be inside her walls and vying for a place at her side…


About Eliza Eveland

Eliza Eveland

Eliza Eveland is a coffee addict living in woods of West Virginia where fairies are real, and magic grows on trees like vines.

She writes real, relatable characters in fantastic worlds that just happen to have wings or pointed ears and a little bit of magic.


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  1. Nancy says:

    The book A Court of Crows by author Eliza Eveland sounds like a book that will fascinate many readers. The book cover is highly detailed and attractive.

  2. Dawn Monzu says:

    I love reading but I’ve always wanted to write a book! Maybe one day I will actually jump in, but for now I’ll stick with my blog. God bless and stay healthy everyone!!!

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