Amazon Giveaway: A Forest of Stolen Memories

Amazon Giveaway: A Forest of Stolen Memories

Welcome to the book blitz for A Forest of Stolen Memories by Callie Thomas! This YA fantasy romance novel sounds intriguing. Keep reading to learn more about the book and enter the giveaway to win a $25 Amazon gift card. (INT)

a forest of stolen memoriesTitle: A Forest of Stolen Memories
Author: Callie Thomas
Publication Date: December 2, 2022

Summary (from Goodreads):

I didn’t care that he was a prince—they would not force me to marry a stranger.

A royal wedding turns to disaster when a sinister curse goes awry. A victim of the Sorcerer’s prophecy, Roselyn’s memories are instantly erased, leaving her panicked at the altar. Unwilling to marry a stranger, she flees to the place her prince fears most—the enchanted Mistbrooke Forest. Lost and afraid, she seeks help from a dark, mysterious traveler who may be the key to recovering her stolen memories.

After years of solitude, Cedrick is lost in the horrors of his past. He never expected to find himself face to face with the future princess of Cadell. The longstanding feud between their kingdoms doesn’t douse the fiery connection he feels to her, so when she requests safe passage through the forest, he can’t ignore her plea—even though it puts both their lives at risk.

Rose is determined to regain her memories, but with Cedrick as her reluctant guide, she experiences the magic of the forest through new eyes. Does true love really exist? She is beginning to think it might—with Cedrick. But when her past collides with her present, sparks explode, and the very memories she’s been seeking are the ones she most wishes she could forget.

Can she break the curse without breaking her heart?


About Callie Thomas

callie thomas

Callie Thomas was born in California but moved away immediately after, living in more places in the United States than she can remember. Even now, she can’t stay in one spot too long, but you can usually find her on the sandy shores of someplace tropical, possibly with a coconut drink in her hand. Callie has been writing since middle school when her teacher caught her writing stories instead of vocabulary words in her 7th grade English class. Plagued by doubt, she went in a completely different direction and graduated college at George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Web Design. But the stories never stopped. Older and wiser (she hopes), she is finally ready to take a leap of faith with her writing. She recently published her first Vella series, A Forest of Stolen Memories, and is currently writing her first novel, The Captain's Daughter.


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  1. Danielle Hammelef says:

    This premise sounds so exciting. I love the twist of both the erased memory and finding the enemy prince in the forest.

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