Tidbit Tuesday #2: YA Cover Reveals

I have seen quite a few gorgeous covers fly through my Twitter feed this past week and I thought that they would make a perfect post for this week’s Tidbit Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but there is something about a cover that really draws me into the real excitement over upcoming books and these covers are definitely ones to flail over!

Tidbit Tuesday #9: 5 YA Retellings to Look For in 2017

With the live action Beauty and the Beast moving opening soon, I figured it is only fitting to feature some retellings that are getting me just as excited! If I were to pick one genre that is my absolute most favourite of them all, it is a retelling. There is something exciting to me about reading a timeless tale that has been completely reinvented. Sometimes I will admit there can be disappointment with this genre, but most of the time I am totally swept away.