Book Review: Followers by Megan Angelo

Followers by Megan Angelo is a sci-fi novel that will give the reader pause. The concept is shocking and addresses many issues in today’s society. Also, the characters that are spellbinding and interesting, yet all have something to hide. It really questions the way we live our lives attached to our online personas.

8 Books to Read Before They Become Movies in 2018


It seems every time I turn around there is a new movie or TV show being announced that is going to be adapted from a book for the screen. Some of them have been optioned and are not even in production, but it is very exciting for book lovers who enjoy seeing their favourite stories brought to life. While there are a multitude of book to movie adaptations to look forward to this year, I have tried to narrow it down to the ones I feel the most eager to see. 

New Year Book Tag: Ring it in with Books!

As 2015 has come to an end, I thought it would be interesting to share some of my favourites of the year and most anticipated of this new year with you! I saw this tag on Bookmark Chronicles and decided that it was the perfect post to wrap up the year with.