Amazon Giveaway: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Amazon Giveaway: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Welcome to the Oh, the Places You’ll Go! giveaway hop hosted by The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island! This back-to-school giveaway hop is perfect for those looking to get a head start on back-to-school essentials, such as gift cards and books. I am giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to help you get started. (INT) Rules

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74 thoughts on “Amazon Giveaway: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

  1. Freda says:

    My favorite b-t-s memory was 1984… the year I got my white dress. It had frills and lace and I wore it almost every day in the beginning. My mom let me pick it out and I loved showing it off. (Albeit, maybe too much.) I still have a photo of me in that dress.

  2. Cathy French says:

    When I was very young and going to kindergarten and elementary school all the parents seemed to be crying and most of the kids were scared. Not me! My poor mom was crying and I was so excited to go to school I ran into the school on the first day leaving her standing there amongst all the other crying parents/kids. LOL

  3. James Robert says:

    Having a ninja turtle backpack one year. They were my favorite and all my friends had one as well.

  4. Calvin says:

    My favorite back-to-school memory is learning about where all my classmates went over the summer. Also shopping for new stuff to use.

  5. Kayla Arnold says:

    My favourite back to school memory is getting the catalogue to order new stationary and then getting new stuff delivered!

  6. Kate Sarsfield says:

    Spending hours in the local bookshop buying the text books & stationery and knowing that I was going to do all that reading!

  7. Lois M. says:

    I’m not sure… while I don’t remember it, I imagine I rather liked being a senior on that first day in high school… 🙂

  8. shannon zeidan says:

    My favorite back to school memory is going to meet my first grade teacher a few days before we started.

  9. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite memory was one year my mother let me buy whatever I wanted for clothes and I bought all summer clothes. I could only wear them about 2 weeks before it got cold outside and I couldn’t wear them anymore.

  10. Jan Lee says:

    My favorite back to school memory was going into junior high , 7th grade, as I got to ride a school bus for the very first time 🙂

  11. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite back to school memory was getting lost in the school the 1st day of high school. I got detention I was devastated, the one and only time I got detention.

  12. Jessica S says:

    Nothing in particular I can think of. I liked seeing all my friends and buying back to school supplies and clothes etc.

  13. Kathy Cozzarelli says:

    My favorite back to school memory is having to be driven to school every day my first week of high school because it was pouring the whole week.

  14. Piroska says:

    A favourite back-to-school memory is when the Scholastic newsletters came, and we could order books. Just loved reading and adding to my book collection.

  15. sheila ressel says:

    I don’t have a favorite back to school memory. I dislike school immensely and had a hard time of it. I was so glad when it was over.

  16. Jeanna Massman says:

    I vaguely remember starting school at age five. I was the only kindergartener at our tiny country school. I hung out with the two 1st graders.

  17. Krista M says:

    I remember grade 3, my mom bought me this beautiful plaid fall dress that I was so excited to wear & I felt like a million bucks walking to school that first morning!

  18. Michele Pineda says:

    my favorite was meeting my new classmates, seeing who I had in class, both old friends and potential new ones.

  19. Laura Unger says:

    My favorite memory is entering grade 4 when I got a trapper keeper with rainbow color hot air balloons on it.

  20. Betty Curran says:

    It’s been over 60 years since I’ve been in school but my favorite memory was meeting all my friends on the first day of high school. We all felt so grown up.

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