Cover Reveal: Stanley and Hazel by Jo Schaffer & Giveaway

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Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Stanley and Hazel by Jo Schaffer presented by Month9Books! Celebrate this reveal by entering the giveaway for a $15 Starbucks or B&N gift card, plus a digital copy of the book! Open internationally!

About the Book

Stanley and Hazel by Jo Schaffer
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Publisher: Month9Books

A great depression has gripped the city of St. Louis in 1934. Stanley, an orphaned newsy, lives in a poor part of town hit especially hard by the economic downturn. One night, Stanley runs into Hazel, a restless debutante in waiting who has begun to question her posh lifestyle in the midst of the suffering she sees. She’s out and about without an escort and against her father’s wishes.

When they discover the body of a girl with her head bashed in by a baseball bat, the very different and separate realities of the two teens inform their decision. Together they will figure out what happened to her and bring those responsible to justice.

But getting involved with each other and digging into the secrets behind this murder earns them some powerful enemies, including a secret group seeking to rid society of all they deem “undesirable.” They’ve put into motion “The Winnowing,” a plan seeking to take over the city and enforce their will.

As Stanley and Hazel’s forbidden feelings for one another grow, their investigation turns deadly. Now, it is up to Stanley and his gang of street kids to stop Hazel from becoming the next victim.

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About the Author

Jo Schaffer was born and raised in the California Bay Area in a huge, creative family. She is a YA novelist, speaker, writer at, works in film production and is a Taekwondo black belt.

She’s a founding member of Writers Cubed and co-founder of the Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the largest conferences in the nation for youth ages 13-19. She and a crew of local and international bestselling authors present writing workshops to hundreds of attendees at the Utah-based conference as well as hundreds of others worldwide who view the conference online.

Jo loves being involved in anything that promotes literacy and family. She is passionate about community, travel, books, music, healthy eating, classic films and martial arts. Her brain is always spinning new ideas for books and sometimes she even gets around to blogging.

Jo is a mom of 3 strapping sons living in the beautiful mountains of Utah with a neurotic cat named Hero.


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Ready for the cover?

Book cover for Stanley and Hazel


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37 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Stanley and Hazel by Jo Schaffer & Giveaway

  1. Phantom Paper says:

    Like the newspaper but not the models. I prefer to imagine my own choice of visual appearance for the characters in a book.

    Thank you for almost always providing giveaways that are open internationally!! The book world should acknowledge readers from other countries more!

  2. clynsg says:

    The cover is definitely different, but the expressions are somewhat weird. She looks glazed and he seems to be considering something maybe not so good.

  3. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I think the cover art is awesome! I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings, including Stanley and Hazel. I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

  4. Trisha McKee says:

    I think the cover is striking and mysterious. It makes me want to know more about it. It looks like a lot going on.

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