Wrap-Up Post: Summer TBR Wipeout 2017


When I started planning for this challenge, August seemed to be so far away. Well, here we are in the middle of August and this reading challenge is coming to a close! It is a little bitter sweet because I have really enjoyed taking hold of my reading schedule and actually dusting off a few of the books sitting on my physical shelves and reading them. However, I would be lying if I didn’t let you know how excited I am to crack open the stack of books that I have to review in the next few weeks. I suppose it is a way for me to recharge a little bit. I have definitely figured out my reading habits and scheduling backlist books into the schedule is something that I intend to do more often in the upcoming months.

These are all of the books that I planned to read over the summer, plus one additional book, A Stranger in the House, ย that I added half way through. These books can all be found on my Goodreads shelf,ย if you are interested in learning more about them.

My favourite reads this summer were:

I listened to both The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtueย and Noteworthy on Audible and absolutely loved both of these books. I intend to insert a few more audiobooks into my TBR from now on. I really enjoyed being able to read a book while attending to other things. You can’t go wrong with Sarah J. Maas in my opinion, so it is no surprise to me that I loved A Court of Mist and Fury so much. Also, Something Like Happy is a book that really took me by surprise! This one has so many layers to it and really had a nice message to find positivity in your life.

I hope that everyone who participated enjoyed this challenge and that you were able to make at least a small dent in your TBRs! Thanks so much for joining me. If you have any suggestions for future challenges, I would love to hear from you.


18 thoughts on “Wrap-Up Post: Summer TBR Wipeout 2017

  1. Angela says:

    I really loved this challenge – thank you for hosting! Of course, I also added a few new books to my TBR based on what you and others were reading this summer, but that’s ok! I was thinking – maybe a winter TBR challenge, like in January and February, after the holidays are over and so many of us are stuck in our houses due to the weather?

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  2. alilovesbooks says:

    Thank you so much for hosting and congrats on making it through your whole list.

    I’m so happy to hear Gentleman’s Guide was one of your top reads, it’s been on my must read now list for a while but I was hoping to pick up a physical copy and can’t find in any bookshops (I may need to order)


  3. Janhvi Jagtap says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this challenge! I finished reading a total of 22 books for the challenge and it has definitely helped me in my overall reading goal for the year. I also picked up a few paperbacks which were lying on my shelf since quite some time and I was pleasantly surprised by hoiw much I enjoyed them. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. SERIESous Book Reviews says:

    I had a blast doing this challenge! I liked that it was so flexible so I was able to go my own personal challenge within it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the audio for The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. I’ve been contemplating whether to read the book or listen to the audio version and I’m so torn!

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  5. Cynthia R says:

    I have a book buying problem, right now I have a backlog of over 800 physical books in my house to read. But I love books and I love to read so there are worse problems!


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