ARC August: Week Four Update

arc august

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This week, I actually finished all my selections for ARC August! Since I didn’t want the fun to end, I decided to add more books to my list!

The first book I read was A Whole New World. Unfortunately, I had to DNF this one. It was basically a novelization of Aladdin, which didn’t really entertain me.

a whole new world

Then, I read Nightfall. I am currently working on a review for this one. I enjoyed it, but found some parts of the book to be slow. I found this book to be pretty similar to The Maze Runner.


The next book I read was Future Perfect. This is one of the books that was not on the original list. It is such positive book about body image! The review for this one should be going up very soon!

future perfect

I am currently reading the ARC version of Like It Never Happened. I really like how acting is incorporated in the story. I haven’t read many books about theatre, so this book is a change for me.

Like it never happened

How are your ARC August goals coming?

4 thoughts on “ARC August: Week Four Update

  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    So disappointed about all of the not so great reviews for A Whole New World. It just looks so good. I semi-enjoyed Nightfall, but I was a bit disappointed in it. I am SO excited about reading Future Perfect, and I am going to have to check out Like it Never Happened!


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