Review: Earth & Sky by Megan Crewe

Book cover for Earth & Sky Megan Crewe.

Title: Earth & Sky (Earth & Sky #1)
Author: Megan Crewe
Publisher: Razorbill Canada
Publication Date: October 28, 2014
Pages: 304
Stars: 5/5

Summary (from Goodreads): Seventeen-year-old Skylar has been haunted for as long as she can remember by fleeting yet powerful sensations that something is horribly wrong. But despite the panic attacks tormenting her, nothing ever happens, and Sky’s beginning to think she’s crazy. Then she meets a mysterious, otherworldly boy named Win and discovers the shocking truth her premonitions have tapped into: our world no longer belongs to us. For thousands of years, Earth has been at the mercy of alien scientists who care nothing for its inhabitants and are using us as the unwitting subjects of their time-manipulating experiments. Win belongs to a rebel faction seeking to put a stop to it, and he needs Skylar’s help–but with each shift in the past, the very fabric of reality is unraveling, and soon there may be no Earth left to save. 

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A science fiction book that contains well-developed characters and an underlying message to be learned. Earth & Sky will have its readers reaching for book two to find out more. This is a series not to be missed by those who live for reading fantasy novels.

Earth & Sky is the ultimate book for science fiction fans. There are both aliens and time travel in the same book! I found it really interesting how the aliens from planet Kemya were able to travel to Earth and visit any place in any time period they wanted. This idea is so unique and the way Megan Crewe has described the futuristic devices is very believable.

Skylar, the main character in Earth & Sky, is such an amazing narrator for the book. I loved how she is very smart, and doesn’t trust a complete stranger who says that they are an alien right away. She also is very brave, and hopes to find her missing brother, even though she could impact the future by messing with the past. While I was reading this book, it made me realize that so many sci-fi books have characters that lack common sense. Earth & Sky is very logical and makes sense for the reader.

Another incredible feature about Earth & Sky is how Skylar and her alien friend, Win, have to deal with the consequences of changing history. The Kemyan police, the Enforcers, have the ability to track and follow Skylar and Win wherever they travel to. I enjoyed how the characters are never safe because it makes the book seem more realistic (as realistic as science fiction novels can be).

If you enjoy books with aliens from foreign planets and tons of time travel, I think you would enjoy Earth & Sky. It is a fast-paced book with amazing characters.

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