All Fall Down by Ally Carter: ARC Review

Ally Carter's All Fall Down

I recently finished Ally Carter’s latest book, All Fall Down, which is the first book in her new series, Embassy Row. This book was given to me by Scholastic, because I am an Ally Ambassador. This was such a fun book to read, and I had difficulty accepting the fact that it had ended. Anyways, let’s get into the review!

First of all, All Fall Down was so fun to read! The main character, Grace has such a fresh point of view and she makes you never want to leave her and her story. Grace is such a great protagonist, because she leads the reader through dangerous and terrifying places that I, personally, would definitely avoid! However, as a reader, I trusted Grace somehow, to help me through the fear. Ally Carter did a great job turning her characters into real people with emotions, that you can’t help but admire them.

Next, this books as full of great details that made this book easy to picture. I could imagine myself in the book on each page. This is pretty rare in a book. Good job, Ally Carter!

Finally, All Fall Down was a fast read. Ally Carter’s style keeps you hooked and intrigued. Be warned, you will need to dedicate a long time to read this, you’ll never be able to put it down!

2 thoughts on “All Fall Down by Ally Carter: ARC Review

  1. Jaime Lynn says:

    I haven’t read this yet, but I have read some reviews on it. They have been a mixed bag. That doesn’t usually deter me from reading a story, and it won’t with this one either! Thanks for the review!


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